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  1. NO (Porsche) Cup 2's...Pic Please!

    FP Springs and I got them 2nd hand.
  2. NO (Porsche) Cup 2's...Pic Please!

    305/325 NO Spec (porsche)
  3. Lower ball joint failure

    Define shot, got a video or pictures?
  4. Need a new front splitter

    Extractor drill bit should do the trick and I'd just replace with new ones...
  5. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    This is one area that I'd love to see Ford Performance excel in. Many do not know this and I didn't until I joined a group that shared this secret with me but Mazda Motorsports has a store that you can get OEM parts at dealer costs for race teams and professional Mazda drivers. Not only that...
  6. Military Exclusive Cash Reward on Mustang Through July 5 (Excluding GT500 and Mach 1)

    Such a joke... I can partly understand the GT500.... but the Mach 1 it's a freaking parts bin model. Let's go FORD. Change your act. MERICA!
  7. Step up from the 350R Wing with a direct replacement like the Verus UCW Wing

    Ask and you shall receive. Excuse the watermarks; still waiting for the full res to arrive from the event.
  8. GT500 Carbon Fiber Track Wing interest

    have you ever thought on this? it clears the window. it's what i have.
  9. How often does your GT 350 see redline?

    track is my favorite light option
  10. How often does your GT 350 see redline?

    Not enough times but I am trying my best to get it to be at full song!
  11. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Actually, I believe they added something similar on the corners of the hood in the 2020 editions. Could have been the earlier years... idk mine's a 2016 tho.
  12. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I solved the hood lift with VHB weather stripping. I think I spent $30 bucks because you have to buy 10 ft a roll and just shared it with locals interested. Just place it over the headlights. Gucci.
  13. Top Tec ATF 1800

    Anyone utilizing this on there tremec 3160?
  14. Changing brake pads, have questions

    I use this cause I'm weak. On the bright side, I could spread two buildings. What?
  15. Part number for just the starter solenoid?

    I had my starter replaced last year. Its been on track this year while weather was 50 degrees so I obviously didn't have any issues nor did it likely get hot enough. I'll tell you what I know atm, I got a heatshield that may or may not help this year during the summer. However, if it fails...
  16. Air Conditioner Issues

    Just pretend you got the AC Delete except for your carrying the extra weight.
  17. Pad for occasional track use?

    I think you're going to overheat the pads and they'll just deteriorate leaving you with no stopping power. If you're running in novice and just learning for the day... you may be okay but I wouldn't risk. it. The Z26 are strictly a street pad.
  18. Nothing better than having friends who are mechanics and access to shop to avoid dealers.

    I wonder if you were driving a GT3RS if you'd have the same logic that it will just buff out and that they shouldn't be held liable. I'll give you an arm but not the whole body.
  19. Fuel filter replacement DIY

    wait. the one line and the other line that runs into the bottom of the rear seat with some black foam circular looking cover is actually the fuel pump lines? was ford not concerned with a heavy body sitting back there?