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  1. Original Brittany Blue Photo

    Well there you have it
  2. Are 2015 GTs Still Worth It in 2023?

    Back in the day when we were buying 8 year old 5.0’s for 4-5k a clutch swap was $200. Now an 8 year old 5.0 is 25-29k and a clutch swap is closer to 2k. I say HARD pass and look for a lower mile used auto.
  3. Are 2015 GTs Still Worth It in 2023?

    Sorry Lemon Law does not apply to used cars.
  4. Replacing OEM battery?

    75% of ALL batteries are made by Johnson Controls including Motorcraft. So the Wal-Mart battery maybe a Motorcraft. Then the rest are made by East Penn (Deka) and Exide. Ever wonder why wall batteries are just a case with a sticker on them now?
  5. Brand New And Broke

    So a supplier sold Ford a bad radiator and Dearborn didn’t catch it. Talk about a quality control breakdown.
  6. GT500 ADM disappearing

    3-4 years out depending on the dealer IF they get an allocation at all.
  7. GT500 ADM disappearing

    You recalled wrong they were up to 90k ADM on Z06’s.
  8. GT500 ADM disappearing

    I sold our 2000R at the dealer I was selling at back then for 8k over.
  9. 2026 GT500 in the works?

    You should wait for it and see if you can get a deal in 2029- seems to be your MO.
  10. GT500 ADM disappearing

    YAWN. Understand that 100 or more of those 200 on Autotrader have already been sold or most likely ordered units for someone else. This coming recession was supposed to hit 3 years ago- every place on Earth except Twitter and Google are hiring. The Mach1’s are great cars but they are NOT...
  11. GT500 pricing Question

    Well yeah that is their job.
  12. I'm not paying $1 Premium over Regular

    The old I got the car but can’t afford gas for it comes to mind.
  13. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California - SOLD

    You clearly know nothing of the 2020+ GT500 market. All you are doing is “parroting” back things you’ve heard or read about the basic hypothetical future car market that does not apply to these cars. MOST of these cars are bought cash and even financed most have huge down payments that the rate...
  14. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Nice cars
  15. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    I don’t even remember seeing that combo as a kid in the 70’s. Yes it is an M-code 351C with a 4spd.
  16. New 2022 GT500 For Sale

    Send me a link if you see a low mileage 20+ base for 65k. I’ll buy another GT500.
  17. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    Thanks Dad ordered it new in 71 and it never came out of the garage.
  18. Drive’em Boys and Girls

    My GT500 is still at 47mi My Mach 1 is at 6k original mi.- not a misprint.
  19. 2022 Mustang Air Filter and Hydrocarbon trap

    I do not recall seeing that. If it was there it still is.