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  1. Adding navigation to non-nav MyFord touch

    My 2015 has MyFord touch and I was reading that navigation can be installed through the SD card on non navigation MyFord touch units. Someone told me that non navigation equipped cars don't have the necessary hardware to make it work but I don't buy that. Besides the SD card, what else would I...
  2. Cylinder head temps a little too high?

    Was driving to the mall today, and when i pulled into a stall, i noticed the coolant temps were a little high. Its about 66 outside, and the temps were over 200, and would rise slowly, i think before i shut off the car it was 210. After i got home i pulled into my garage and the temps went up...
  3. Hesitation and smoke out the exhaust

    Tonight I was driving home when I encountered my usual hill. Second gear, about 2500RPM, and I decided to give it half throttle. The car started hesitating, not like a misfire, and when I looked out my side mirror to change lanes I saw a huge cloud of smoke coming out the exhaust. But when I...
  4. Toyota Land Cruisers in Texas

    Since moving to Texas, I see COUNTLESS Toyota Land Cruisers roaming Austin. Living in Hawaii and California, I saw next to none, but here in Texas they're EVERYWHERE. I mean, it's not a cheap SUV at all (starting at $84k) but around here they're on every street corner. Anyone from Texas can...
  5. SVE GT350 wheel and tire sets from LMR

    So it's time to change tires soon, and, seeing as new tires plus mounting and balancing is going to run me about $1200 or so, i found that for a few hundred more I can get me a new set of the SVE GT350 wheel and tire kits for $1600. Albeit it's with the cheaper Ohtsu tires (basically a...
  6. Building the motor before going big turbo

    This is a hypothetical situation. Lets say i wanted to go big turbo in the future. Would it make sense if i built the bottom end up now and still retain the stock turbo and head and then go big turbo in the future when funds allow and turn up the wick from the get go? I would look at it as...
  7. Wheel repair shops in Austin

    Hey guys, can anyone refer me to a good wheel repair shop in Austin? Curbed one of my wheels yesterday and I need to get it fixed, along with two other ones with minor curb damage (thanks to good old parking on the street) Thanks.
  8. Ford Performance accessories (shirts, hats, etc)

    Anyone know where I can find Ford Performance branded accessories like hats, shirts, lanyards, etc? Specifically looking for lanyards. Thanks.
  9. Vehicle registration fees

    So i have to get my car registered already because my California tags expire the end of this month. How much am i looking at to register my car including inspection? Registering in Travis County. Thanks.
  10. Tint shops in Austin

    Hey all, Can anyone recommend me a good tint shop? I've had the car for a little over a year now and I know I should have gotten it done way before (stupid California laws) but I guess it's better late then never. Thanks.
  11. Ford Performance downpipe?

    Does anyone know or think if Ford will release a catted or catless downpipe for the EcoBoost Mustang? I know the ProCal tune is a pipe dream, just wondering if anyone had any inside info. Thanks.
  12. Winter tires needed?

    Hey guys, new to Austin and Texas in general. I have a question about winter tires. Now, I've never experienced a winter below 40 degrees, and i don't know what to expect here. Does the temps in the central texas area get down to the point where i would need winter tires? I have the...
  13. Bigger turbo with stock exhaust

    So I've been thinking a lot about a bigger turbo lately, maybe going with a full-race kit or a kit from MAP, but I want to leave the stock exhaust in place for that sleeper effect. I know i would have to use the downpipe for the bigger turbo so that can't be changed, but i wanted to leave the...
  14. Long road trip tips (more than 500 miles)

    Hey all, looking for some road trip tips. In about a week me and my other half will be moving to Austin, Texas from Santa Monica, CA. In short, were tired of the high cost of living and ready for a change. We both got new jobs and j have family there too, and we're both very excited...
  15. Sigh..

    Had an accident yesterday. Lady went through a stop sign without looking my direction. Laid on my horn but she didn't pay attention. Couldn't stop in time. Her insurance called this morning and said they're accepting responsibility. Adjuster is gonna meet with me today to estimate the...
  16. Order timeframe for Southern California

    My other half put in a order for a 2016 GT just a couple days before the order banks close. Anyone in Southern California order a 16? What does your order timeframe look like? Thanks.
  17. Anyone follow professional bodybuilding?

    Just curious if anyone here follows the sport, I know its not mainstream enough for more people to follow. Anyone going to the Arnold Classic next month? Heard its gonna be a pretty stacked lineup. Olympia?
  18. Wheel repair shops in Los Angeles

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good wheel repair shop in Los Angeles. Curbed my two passenger side wheels (because I park on the street and I can't parallel park for shit) and I need them repaired. Really don't want to have to buy new wheels. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks...
  19. Tire options

    Hey guys, need some opinions. So I may be moving from Los Angeles to Seattle later this year (school and cheaper cost of living, Los Angeles is killing me) and I was wondering what do you guys do for tires when winter rolls around. It appears that Seattle doesn't get THAT cold, nor does it...
  20. Auto detailers in Los Angeles

    Hey guys, Can anyone from the LA area recommend a good auto detailer? Want to get the car looking great for once in its short life and to make maintenance easier. Thanks.