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  1. Tune+ wastegate SOLD...accessport v3 (unmarried)SOLD...Solo turbo back exhaust $650

    Car is being returned to stock :/ ... hoping to either get a '17 GT or '18 eco but won't be going the same route. Wastegate is the tune+ version... SOLD Accessport is unmarried... SOLD Solo performance turbo back exhaust... $650.00 SHIPPED Come on someone...... need it gone...
  2. MSD performance coil packs

    Has anyone installed these yet? Thinking about grabbing them and installing with my next set of plugs. Anyone know the difficulty of changing them out?
  3. Birmingham, al shops?

    Looking to get a turbo back exhaust put on. Anyone know of a good reputable spot in the area????
  4. Gt oem hood scoops

    Does anyone know of the required mounting hardware needed to install these? I have a GT hood being installed but didn't get them with the hood scoops from the dealer bc they want $750 to install and paint them... So I bought a set from new take off but they state that no mounting hardware is...
  5. Insurance claim switcheroo

    Sooooo... my piss poor luck continues with my baby lol. I had an unfortunate meeting with a pole last week while driving around a turn and the crap p zero neros coupled with my speed and the fact that the ground was wet sent me twisting and turning and left the ride with a wrecked front end...
  6. Ecoboost Non PP rotors?

    I'd like to upgrade my rotors but haven't seen any available for non PP ecos...anyone know of any available????
  7. 25mm hubcentric wheel spacer options

    Does anyone have any experience with 25mm hubcentric spacers besides the ones offered on AM? Looking to get a set but not really wanting to pay close to $200. I see there are some options on the bay, just wanted to see if anyone has had experience with them.
  8. Tune+ transmission tune add on

    Is anyone running this? And if so what tune are you using it along with and what differences do you see before and after. I'm currently running the cobb OTS and and love the tune although one gripe I have is the shift points and the shifting while in S+ and allowing the car to automatically...
  9. Ford racing IRS loaded differential housing 3.55 for EB Mustang

    Daddy likey...
  10. Roush level 2 powerpack???

    Does anyone have this right now on their ecoboost? I've been searching for reviews but have not been able to find anything. Seems like a great buy for a little added power bump.