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  1. Currently Available New Naturally Aspirated Options

    Noticed the Corvette C8 was mentioned, it just looks wrong (spotted one last week parked up in the same colour as the below clip) in fact i think it looks terrible and on this YouTube review sounds pretty average too. And with a base price of £88k you would be mad wouldn’t you? When i first...
  2. UK Dark Horse

    I dont really underrstand why anyone would want or feel the need to own a gen6 and a gen7 Mustangs unless they already had a fair few different cars in the garage and £60k they really coudlnt find anything better to spend it on The Mustang for me whatever Mustang that may be is as much about...
  3. UK Noise Camera Deployment

    I get sick and tired of boy racers but also exotic car owners and everything in between feeling the need to rev the shite out of the engine on a busy high street, no effing need and I am all for measures that will help weed out those bell ends.
  4. First Round of Mods

    At best this sort of thread is annoying and worse its 'click bait' OP what are you having done, thats the only part that interests me, not the part that you have dropped the car off to have 'something' done.
  5. Ordered New Mustang 😀

    You may have started something! Mine should be '1987 MK1 Austin Metro City X'
  6. Ordered New Mustang 😀

    Just a thought, why not just change your username to something you don't want to change when you change your car? Far less hassle and people will remember your username
  7. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I agree WDPro those window louvers do look almost original and almost okay :clap: People can do what they want to their cars and it's absolutely nothing to do with me and my opinion really doesn't matter one jot. I've never really understood the need to attach things particularly to a brand new...
  8. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Personally I think they look aweful mate but it's your car. To put my opinion into some sort of perspective I think 99.9% of apperance modifications look pretty naff.
  9. Ford Insure - competitive ?

    Are Ford Insure competitive? Maybe for some, maybe not for others. It's not particularly difficult or time consuming to find out what insurance companies offer 'YOU' a competitive quote or not. Insurance is very individual, one company may be good for you but bad for me. LV for me always...
  10. Ordered New Mustang 😀

    Well it will be sitting in their showroom for the foreseeable then
  11. Ordered New Mustang 😀

    I was just on auto trader and 21 Mach 1's brand new unregistered at dealers. Have all the Mach1's just started to arrive on UK shores? At least the profiteering dealers and traders pre reging cars and trying to sell for a pretty big mark up have stopped. Loving the grabber blue it's a similar...
  12. Any one seen this yet?

    The new v old debate always rears its head when a new version is on its way, personally i like the look of the new one, it looks fresh but to me maintains a clear look of mustangness, would i mistake one for a camaro? nope. the interior was always going to go the way of panels, tablets etc...
  13. open to offers - Android Auto wireless device for sale (AA wireless)

    AA wireless device for sale. Review ive been using it for over 12 months and it's worked faultlessly with a xiaomi android phone and a Samsung galaxy fold3. ive posted numerously...
  14. SOLD - Selling up

    GT gone but not forgotten! Collected this morning at the time i was told and also they called this morning to confirm. Have to say Carwow and Hartwell Ford who purchased the car did a splendid hassle free transaction, no messing with the price when the car was checked over too. As it pulled...
  15. SOLD - Selling up

    So collection on Wednesday, I will miss it but get over it. It’s been a pleasure to own but financially for me made sense to sell, boy it had its flaws but very few cars are perfect if any. Its my equal favourite along with my m2. The forum has also been the most welcoming of any car forum...
  16. SOLD - Selling up

    Motorway wanted loads of extra details so put it on Carwow first who wanted far less. Within 10-10 minutes a Ford Dealer has purchased it, i wont post for how much but what I will say is its cost me around £120 a month in depreciation so pretty pleased all in all. I have some things to sell...
  17. SOLD - Selling up

    is that cracking or just how they are?
  18. SOLD - Selling up

    Cheers mate, will give it a clean and pop it on motorway
  19. SOLD - Selling up

    I have decided to sell the GT 11800 miles Silver with black roof Custom Pack 2, heated, cooled seats etc Registration December 2019 Tip top condition and always garaged at home. £34100 was a quick Arnold Clarke offer so looks. like prices have dropped a bit Any idea on any figures private...
  20. Safety recall PCM software update

    Had it actually happen to me and posted on here Never happened since then which was November 2020 and I've clocked up at approx 5k miles since then. Had my letter but assume I can leave it until December when it's...