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  1. How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Mine will be 6 years old in a couple months and I still enjoy it as much as ever, so I still plan to keep it indefinitely.
  2. C8=S650 Tell Ford What You Want

    Gas tank on passenger side of car. If I was in Britain, no problem, but here it’s a pain to open the huge doors that are on the same side as the pump, posts, and trash cans at the gas station.
  3. Annoyance; easy entry/exit

    Since new, mine has worked properly about 98% of the time.
  4. Mustang Inspired Peugeot?

    Yes, I was only referring to the vertical tail lights.
  5. Mustang Inspired Peugeot?

    Hmmm, those tail lights...
  6. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Beach today.
  7. Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    So upset... I'm at a body shop ready for this install and we realize they sent me the WRONG lights. They sent side markers instead. :mad:
  8. V6 S550 In New X-Files

    It was first seen in the February 2016 season finale.:)
  9. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Fillerup Friday.
  10. Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Watched the video but don't see how the driver can physically make the lights switch between static and sequential blinking. How is that done? Where is the switch?
  11. FS: GT350R Steering Wheel Bezels

    Hi I'm selling my GT350R steering wheel bezels. $40 shipped in the US. Thanks
  12. FS: Stock 2015 Steering Wheel

    Hi I replaced and am now selling my 2015 steering wheel. $70 shipped in the US. (Paypal) Thanks
  13. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Lunch by the lake.
  14. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Nice topless day again.