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  1. Texas 2017 GT350 aftermarket parts

    It is specific for the GT350.
  2. Texas 2017 GT350 aftermarket parts

    it is passenger side.
  3. Texas 2017 GT350 aftermarket parts

    Your welcome!
  4. Texas 2017 GT350 aftermarket parts

    Everything is brand new except JLT v3.0 catch can. Only shipping to lower 48 US states. If your in Houston, I can meet you. ZL1addon Plate holder, shaft, and receiver, and tow hook - $200 shipped Metra 72-5062 wiring harness for door woofers & Metra 82-5605 door woofer adapter - $40 shipped...
  5. CarPlay+Sat radio?

    in Apple Carplay, there is a button that says FORD. That will take you back to the main radio so you can play SXM.
  6. series 4700 battery Length – 9.49 in Height – 7.48 in Width – 6.93 in MAX Amps – 2900 CA – 760A RC - 110 Ah - 62
  7. series 4700 battery

    I have the XS Power D4700 also. Make sure to get the short terminals and not the tall ones. Mine fit right in with cover working.
  8. Aftermarket Navigation/Stereo Update?

    I have the Pioneer floating headunit waiting to go in. Just have to find time and a break from this Texas heat.
  9. Five Star Car Stereo 2017 Mustang GT Full install

    This is true as I think this video was done before that kit came out.
  10. Five Star Car Stereo 2017 Mustang GT Full install

    If you don't watch these guys on YouTube, and you enjoy car audio, this is one of the channels to watch. These guys go through how to do everything with the tools you will need. This is a 2017 Mustang GT with the 9 speaker stereo.
  11. GT350/R Long-Term Reliability

    2017 GT350 here. Bought it with 1300 miles on it a year and a half ago. Was told the motor was probably going to blow on me. I have 5600 miles on it now and autox it once a month. Nothing wrong yet. I have a passenger side catch can, and check it regularly and it is usually a couple...
  12. Advice on a possible purchase

    When I test drove my mine, there was no salesman with me. It was even on the showroom floor and they moved it outside. It would be a toss up for me on moving forward with it. An extended warranty would be a must in case something else breaks. Flip side of that coin is if they go to diagnosis...
  13. This is the worst OEM audio system I ever owned?

    SiriusXM through the radio does sound bad. If you stream it through the app on your phone, it sounds alot better.
  14. Pedal Commander GT350R

    look up Soler Engineering. [email protected] can help you out. I have one of their units and it is great.
  15. State Inspections

    Why would they jack up the car? Here in Texas they never jack it up.
  16. GT350 Build for SCCA Nationals

    I saw you on Sunday, and was wondering how your car was doing. I did not run but was playing pit crew for my wife and her MINI Cooper S. I have to agree it was hot as hell and seems there were alot of DNF's happening.
  17. New to me car with loads of aftermarket audio - what is all this stuff?

    I have to agree, if you decide to go back to OEM, it will be alot of work just to do that. At this point, I would clean up what you have and maybe change the sub to one that fits on the side (JL Audio). That wiring under the amp rack is horrible.
  18. New to me car with loads of aftermarket audio - what is all this stuff?

    Looks like someone completely replaced the Shaker setup. You are correct about the amps. The two devices that the power wires go into are fuse blocks. You have some decent Rockford Fosgate equipment there. Sucks to see the cut a whole in the door panels and rear seat panels.
  19. GT350 Owners Supplement and Filter Wrench locater database

    added mine. Unfortunately my kit was already given to the original owner. I am the second owner.
  20. Need ideas for attaching amp power wire to battery

    I did not buy it for my mustang, but I had it on my last vehicle when setting up the amps in it.