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  1. Are all Ford dealerships inhabited by stupid and greedy

    Made an appointment for the recall letter I received on my Mustang. Today arrived for the appointment and was told it would be a while. I asked why would it take so long since I have an appointment? I was told the appointment was simply to talk with the advisor and was not applicable to any work...
  2. Mustang 0075 for sale in FL

    Ran across this today down in Melbourne,FL. Looking at mileage I’d say the price is a little on the high end.
  3. Anyone else seen this issue with LE wheels?

    I noticed these lines developing on my wheels. I don’t think the wheels are cracking but the finish is showing these lines. Not sure what may causing it. The car is garaged, not driven a lot and always put away clean.
  4. Mustang 50th Anniversary watch by Shinola

    Saw this one listed on eBay. These are really neat but this one is a little pricey.
  5. 2015 LE w/ digital dash?

    Soooo, I didn’t think this was an option on the 2015 LE. Is the dash aftermarket or a retro fit?
  6. How many miles are on your 50th Anniversary LE?

    Two schools of though on our 50th Anniversary LEs. Some plan to preserve them for prosperity or a hopeful increase in value while others say it's a Mustang and enjoy it. Wanted to ask other owners what plans they have for their LEs. BTW...1135 has 12K miles on it. The more I...