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  1. Pic request: 275/40/19 on Lowered Stang

    Yokahoma 275/40/19 on lmr 19x10 steeda minimum drop springs.
  2. I need help. The brake lights are messed up

    Nope. forscan works with a windows laptop.
  3. Fraudulent Dealing with a Ford Dealer

    I'm not one to take things lightly. If it were me. Not only would I make a police report I'd want to see the salesman arrested for forgery. I'd also contact a lawyer. This can't be accepted with take your refund and move on. It's that attitude that has destroyed this nation.
  4. First post! Looking for a subwoofer solution

    This is still available.
  5. Audio Dynamics

    I have 2 of the smaller dsp's and I've been very happy with them. The one in my 19 gt has been in there for 2 1/2 years. I liked it so well I bought another one for my 22 ranger.
  6. Ford performance calibration but use the stock airbox?

    There is no way to tune a vehicle without affecting the warranty. If the warranty is the most important thing to you. Then leave it alone. While ford Performance does offer some coverage it's not the same As an unmolested vehicle. Make your choice and deal with the outcome. In all honesty they...
  7. Ford performance calibration but use the stock airbox?

    Both the device and tune come from livernois.
  8. First post! Looking for a subwoofer solution

    Alpine makes a unit that bolts under the dash works great I have one in my 19. Has an 8in powered sub and a 4 channel amp. PSU-300MTG
  9. Tweeter recommendation

    I took them out of our 2019 mustang's. 200 miles on 1 set and 3400 miles on the other. They have been in boxes for a couple years I don't remember if part #s are printed on them or not. I'll take $25 shipped so basically $15 plus ship. Pm if you want to go farther.
  10. Tweeter recommendation

    I have 3 sets of oe tweeters, message if you need a set. Not sending a pm to look like a scammer
  11. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Okay check the strip same possibility. The hyperflash indicates the circuit is incomplete. Usually it's the bulb or in this case the led.
  12. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    Check the bulb, might have popped with low voltage.
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Listen to your tuner. Whoever you choose. Lund would never be my choice.
  14. Bourbon

    No sir, in alb for Christmas with kid and went to total wine trying to find a bottle of pappy as i've always wanted to try it. Well they showed this and said it was really hard to get and just about as good. I'll say this. It's the only bourbon I've ever been able to just sip. No burn whatsoever...
  15. Bourbon

    Just tried this and it is awesome
  16. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I think the man wants a certified letter from jim farley otherwise we're just internet misinformation. thanks to those who helped.
  17. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    The source is in the procal4. I don't know why yours doesn't say it mine does and it came from Ford. Not going to argue this any longer. If you want a Wikipedia page on it, it ain't gonna happen.
  18. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    If you have the procal4 plug it in and look at it. Says it's livernois right on it. The calibration was done by them also, but they are locked per Fords request. It is actually a livernois my calibrator I've talked to livernois and they cannot unlock it if it was loaded for Ford performance. Do...
  19. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    The Actual tune was written by livernois not ford