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  1. Cold start idling surging

    If I am you id be more concerned with the salt they throw around in NJ. For me at least I have zero intentions to sell and NJ is very good with salting creating rust and corrosion.
  2. Look what I discovered in my 22! 🤨

    any noticeable differences?
  3. Mach 1 is Better than GT350 ...

    Going to hurt a lot of feelings here and say that all of these cars minus the V6 are essentially the same. 99.9% of the public will just see them all as Mustangs. Enthusiasts and those who know their stuff would still also consider them all comparable. It's only the ones who spent a lot of...
  4. Amusing Reactions to your Mach 1

    Having owned the car for about 2 months now the most amusing is when kids motion for me to rev the engine. Also I get private parking under the building I am at, even in normal mode, my coworkers poke fun at the thing penetrating through all the walls. My biggest surprise however is that people...
  5. Fuel MPG

    Turns out I was driving constantly at 3-4k RMP. Now I am constantly under 2k RPM. Highway is 22MPG, Mixed I get 18MPG, and Mixed with Sport+ sprinting I get 16MPG.
  6. 2023 Official Mach 1 Order Tracking Thread

    Lol a little premature here I think. From what I remember there was something specific about the Mach1 and GT500 that made them harder to produce. GT500 is a confirmed cancel, and truckers supplying ford are striking again. I think there will be Mach 1s built well into Jan-March but no actual...
  7. Saving Chassis M1841

    I saw someone save a ton of money restoring a wrecked bmw i8, and that thing is a bonded carbon fiber chassis, so no job is too big. Things like this are worth doing as a hobby if you are handy and live in a state that isn't strict regarding salvage titles. But one thing is that if you are...
  8. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    Got to milk the cow before its gone for good. Blame dealers/resellers and consumers. Ford is capturing the full value of the vehicle before it hits consumers. Nike killed their resellers by increasing MSRPs to insane levels making record profit.
  9. 2024 Mach 1 replacement

    FIRST CAN WE ALL APPRECIATE THAT THE V8 ISNT DEAD JUST YET In theory everyone who bought the Mach 1 knew a new model to replace it was coming out. In theory everyone who buys a car knows that a new car is coming out the next year. Its like cell phones, there will ALWAYS be something new...
  10. Fuel MPG

    I don't know what the fuck I'm doing wrong 😭. 6spd mixed (Highway/City), normal mode.
  11. 10HP Loss, Not compression! Real reason exposed with Dyno Proof

    I cant coast the car unless in 6th gear or neutral. Otherwise my foot is on the pedal. In slow traffic I find myself tapping the gas in 2nd gear Driving is a mix of sport+, normal, and rain. Mixed driving is say 70% highway 30% city/traffic. Exhaust is always on track, always on premium gas...
  12. 10HP Loss, Not compression! Real reason exposed with Dyno Proof

    Any changes to MPH? because I have a manual M1 and it feels like it has so much rolling resistance and gets like 10mpg
  13. 10HP Loss, Not compression! Real reason exposed with Dyno Proof

    Per driver it's a minimal inconvenience. For Ford/EPA its an entire fleet of emissions savings. If a tune isn't required, kudos to Ford for making it so easy to bypass.
  14. I didn't know the 9-Speaker could sound this good...

    Should probably be fixed for free. Doesn't happen at max boost/treble for me. On the flip side, its a small cabin and the pressure HAS to go somewhere.
  15. Mach 500

    I cant speak for Vicrez as these are MP Concepts. If you like risk you can find the manufactures for either company from China at less than half the cost. At the time it wasn't economical due to Covid shutdowns and costs in China. That said the "compatibility" with the hinges, ports, etc. was...
  16. Mach 500

    Decided to do something a little different, have gotten a lot of compliments. Though I'll never sell, keeping the OEM hood/decal. Aesthetically all that's left is tints and HP wheels. Keeping the chin off. Will try to get it close to 500HP NA.
  17. Amusing Reactions to your Mach 1

    I dont understand how this is street legal
  18. 2022 chassis numbers

    Still no pics of 3,000+
  19. Engine note change/drone when in 6th gear

    If it is please explain to me why? I have read the manual but to be honest its vast and not very specific when it comes to details like this. Just says to vary the RPMs. Ive been driving like a madman and have bounced off the limiter more times than id like to admit.
  20. Engine note change/drone when in 6th gear

    I will look at the RPMs more in detail later. I would agree with others that it puts me around 1500-2000 whereas the other gears I am around 2000-3000. Though I've gone below 2000 several times. I may just be noticing that quick trips below 2000 sounds different that being there consistently...