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  1. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    Just wait, mustang7g is next! Who wants to take bets on if the gen 4 experiences the tick or not?
  2. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    I think we've established that brand has zero impact on the tick. Oil viscosity may, but all the over the shelf brands that meet current API SP/GF6 standards will be within spitting distance of each other on additive packages.
  3. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    My tick was dependent on the oil level. Half way on the dipstick (checked cold) gave me the tick. That's right where it would be, using two 5 qt jugs, after a new filter + prefilling filter and dumping the remaining oil in the fill cap. If I poured a little bit more in to get it about 3/4th of...
  4. Ford says Dark Horse has most powerful NA engine so far...this is incorrect!

    Idk, seems pretty clear to me they strictly mean exactly as it says. It's the mostnm powerful NA 5.0l in a Mustang. It even later says
  5. 2021 GT Oil Temperature

    The digital dash doesn't display oil temp, anymore, iirc. No idea why, or exactly when. A couple of years ago I think some people found it had disappeared after a firmware update.
  6. Cold start ?issue?

    That's definitely not normal. Does it do this even if you're in neutral? Mine could sit in legitimate -15 F (-30 with wind chill) temps for over 12 hours and would fire right up without even a stumble. Unless you're using old summer blend gas, it shouldn't struggle to start in the cold...
  7. Buyer beware!

    The top is open and seals against the hood. So, theoretically, if it seals around a hood vent water will get in. Although I never had that issue with my gt350 set up so YMMV.
  8. Shifting from 3rd to 4th at high RPM - hitting 2nd instead

    Definitely keep your arm straight. The mt82 is fickle for the reasons already stated. I used to have a cupholder style phone mount that put my arm at an angle as I shifted. I started to botch 2nd to 3rd redline shifts almost consistently (kept grinding gears), when I never used to. Long story...
  9. Well, at the ripe age of 30, I had my first accident

    Yes and no. I'm most likely not going to buy it back. My thoughts are more that the 2022/23 MY is virtually the same. In some cases it's objectively worse than my 2019, but it holds a higher MSRP. Paying higher MSRP + financing with ridiculous interest rates (deals aside), for an inferior...
  10. Well, at the ripe age of 30, I had my first accident

    Thanks, and good heads up on the financing! Not sure about another Mustang but I do need a new car lol. It is very cool of them to offer. Probably not gonna do anything with it but it's nice knowing not everyone was trying to screw me over during this. Yeah, it's probably better served as...
  11. Well, at the ripe age of 30, I had my first accident

    Alright final update to this. I accepted a settlement at $36.8k and didn't get charged any storage fees. I'll spare the boring bits but if anyone is curious I'll happily oblige. I was mentally prepared to move on when the body shop tossed a proverbial monkey wrench at me. The body shop owner...
  12. NA Gen 3 Dyno Charts - Post Yours

    Just dyno discrepancy. If I'm looking at the right post, the +20/+30 post had a slower 1/4 mile and trap speed than the one you quoted. The faster time + higher trap speed is the more accurate indicator of power.
  13. Name something on your Mustang that's working as designed and is really irritating.

    I was going to say exactly this. It's especially annoying when I'm leaving for work in the morning and forget something inside the house. I have the infrequent morning where I'm leaving at 4 am and I feel absolutely terrible for my neighbors.
  14. When did Ford change the recommended engine oil for the GT?

    You're not. I made that post a while ago and was in error. My apologies. Now that doesn't include the 2024 s650. I have no idea if that's belt or not.
  15. Traded my ‘19 Bullitt for a ‘22 Civic Si!

    By that account, even the Mustang is a boat! Come on, man. It's Dodge. They make decisions by the seat of the pants. It's awesome and hilarious but in a very I'm-never-going-to-buy-a-dodge sort of way.
  16. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    I actually have been trying to do a bit of reading on insurance. I got a few quotes but progressive actually had the best options I found. Lost wages, personal injury protection/medical bills (I was thinking of setting it to my deductible because my health insurance is pretty good), asset...
  17. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    They do complain at 8 hours but they're fine up to that. Gotta link? I can't say I've ever shopped around for ear plugs. I just grabbed whatever had the higher db reduction.
  18. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    If you're looking for some foam with a higher db, I usually grab these at cvs. I wanted a black helmet but, after seeing the white, I fell in love. I'm seriously considering turning this into a pseudo...
  19. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    I'm planning on wearing plugs. I am a little worried it may hinder my ability to hear things but I also double up (plugs + muffs) when flying and shooting without any issue. Do you just use regular foam plugs or have you tried out any of the fancy musician plugs?
  20. Opinions from motorcycle owners

    Ha, figures. It was the only one that fit my head right. I almost got the shoei neotec 2 (I wear glasses so I wanted the modular) but it didn't fit as good and was almost double the price. Black was wicked cool! I just wanted white because it's supposedly easier to see, and ended up liking it...