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  1. GT500 Titanium Lug Nut Solution

    I don't use an impact for anything. But I've seen damage-o-plenty to lug nuts, studs, etc from them being impacted into oblivion. And I've had fasteners fail from hand tool use as well.
  2. GT500 Titanium Lug Nut Solution

    Was he using an impact gun?
  3. Code Red CFTP Mounts now available from MPR

    Looks like the same mount as the Code Red mount which has elements such as the base, finish, and hardware as what Anderson supplies with their wing. My guess would be that these are done by the same company that does Anderson's.
  4. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    Precision cut flanges, mandrel bent stainless tube, fixtured and tig welded assembly. Latest in thermal management wrap technology/design and installed perfectly. About as far from "ghetto" as possible. Nice hardware there.
  5. The New Ford Performance Rear Seat Delete - First Look

    I installed the Ford RSD in my 2020 with no issues but he's right, Ford made a subsequent change that complicated the install a bit. Just plug the belts in beneath the RSD and you should be good to go on later GT500's.
  6. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    I loved my GT350 and love the GT500 I have now - I can relate. You made a great move.
  7. POLL: Getting personalized plate in NY - Help me decide, so many great choices available

    Of all the choices I'd go with "F HOCHUL" if I could.
  8. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    How is "drama" there relevant here?
  9. Shelby (by Borla) GT500 Cat-back Exhaust installed (+ video sound clip)

    How much does that resonator weigh?
  10. Shelby (by Borla) GT500 Cat-back Exhaust installed (+ video sound clip)

    Love the shots you took as well as the hardware. Very nice Jaime.
  11. Fast Grocery Getter

    Bungee cord to the roof. Where there's a will there's a way.
  12. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Kind of like dating in 2023. Gotta be very careful or you may find nuts and bolts that you thought wouldn't be there either.
  13. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    To be fair, we are discussing the factory setup and the limitations therein. Changing endplates, major changes to AOA and/or elevation are a bit beyond the scope. Consider dropping your AJH wing down to the elevation the CFTP cars' wing is at and I sense you'd be imposing a major restriction...
  14. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    The issue with quoting factory data is that if you happen to have/had access to it, you likely can't comment on it publicly. So we are left with third party testing for verification which can be a bit costly. Suffice it to say that the GT4/CFTP airfoil has the potential to be more effective at...
  15. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    Note that the aero up front is identical whether you have a swing spoiler or the CFTP wing out back. I wouldn't use the term optimized but rather, compromised, as Tom put it.
  16. GT500 CFTP GT4 style wing mount set

    I'm not sure anyone would want the same GT4 style as the upper portion of the upright would only mount to a GT4 wing. It's a completely different setup at that juncture.
  17. Me and my old mustang photos -Post pics of your old Mustangs

    At least the '69 and '70 are able to hold their position on some rather extreme grades.