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  1. Baton Rouge S550s

    Yep. Got the email yesterday.
  2. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    '69 Mustang Grande' (coupe), Q-Code 428 Cobra Jet, A/C, tilt. Kept it for over 10 years, but time and money to finish the restoration eluded me.
  3. Cars you regret not buying

    The guy actually had three for sale, all the same $$$. One was a RA III, one a RA IV, the third had a small block Chevy in it . The RA III car was by far in the best condition.
  4. How many of you guys daily your Mach 1s? Extra credit for manual trans!

    I've daily'd mine for 20 years now. And it's a stick car. With 148k miles on it, there's still nothing else I'd rather be driving. Good luck to the next generation.
  5. Baton Rouge S550s

    Annual Baton Rouge Mustangers show at Hollingsworth Ford will be April 22
  6. Cars you regret not buying

    69 Trans Am for $5000 71 SS 454 Monte Carlo for 800 70 Mach 1 Cleveland 4 speed for 850 71 Torino Cobra 429 CJ for 900 Long time ago, and still kicking myself...especially the Trans Am
  7. Rolex 24 Dayton Mach 1

    NASCAR used the '03 Mach 1 for the season ending Ford 400 race in 2002.
  8. Wheel locking kit: have I been ghosted?

    My '01 GT had just the opposite problem. Locks on the wheels, no key. Brand new car, 3 miles on the odometer. McGard makes them, a very quality product. They should include, the pouch, key, 4 lugs and the very important cars with security code so you can get replacement keys or lugs hould you...
  9. Is the parts guy at my local Ford dealer an idiot?

    Mine was the first new car I purchased. It was a T-Top car, PW, PL, louvers, non-TRX with leather. I later added Recaros since mine got bumped from production with the LAPD hogging them. I went an amazing 15.77 in the 1/4 with. Not bad for a 157 2V 302. I've still got a copy of the window...
  10. Is the parts guy at my local Ford dealer an idiot?

    The FL1A dates much farter back than that. Uses on my '69 Cobra Jet coupe, my 6 cyl. sportsroof and even though it will fit an 82 5.0 (H.O.) it is not what came on those cars. They used the FL1-HP. Only one local dealership stocked them and I used a bunch of them in over 120k miles on that car.
  11. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Why would you want a spare you couldn't rely on? Think about how and where a tire flexes, a patch isn't going to hang around long. A plug does more damage than most people realize, but again is going to get worked free. Any shop worth its reputation won't touch it. There are rules set by the...
  12. SEMA Mach 1

    Although SEMA seemed to pretty much look over the Mach 1, and pretty much ever other ICE vehicle on th eplanet, there was one nice piece. For those who collect the miniature Mach 1s, GreenLight had a Hurst Mach 1 in 1:64.
  13. Cup 2 tire ruined by a screw

    Not a chance. Ive replaced 3 Pirellis on my Boss 302 for the exact same thing. Having run a tire shop for the last 10 years and being in the business for over 40, this is not something that can be safely or properly repaired. A patch will pull away and a plug is never the answer. A patch/plug...
  14. Baton Rouge S550s

    None that I'm currently aware of. Lately everyone was focused on Cruzin the Coast. Good eatin' at Roux 61. There's one in B. R. on Bluebonnet as well.
  15. Baton Rouge S550s

    We have an annual show at Robinson Brothers usually in the May/June time frame. The local club (B R Mustangers) will have their annual show at Hollingsworth ford in April next year. Monthly club meetings are first Wed. of the month at Jones Creek Cafe right off Coursey.
  16. 2023 Mustang Nite Pony Package Announced

    Your mission, should you decide to accept it, it to keep thing clean!!!!
  17. The return of Project: Shelby GT500 Code Red (1300 HP, 30 Unit Limited Edition)

    Wish I was going to Woodward this year for the showing.
  18. Don't Drink and Drive on Your GT500 Wheels Like Marshawn Lynch

    First this guy isn't a class act in any way, shape or form. Second, unless he was observed being stupid he won't be held repsonsable for what we think he did. At a shop I worked at, we got to work one morning with a car high centered on a a dirt mound we had put up out from to demo our company...
  19. Shelby American Field Trip

    Cool pics, and a trip I'd like to repeat since the only time I was there was during SEMA 2004. On a different note, that isn't a GLH-S, but a Shelby Dodge Shadow CSX
  20. [Updated] Hertz Shelby GT500-H and GT-H Successor Available to Rent This Summer

    I had reserved a Mustang GT from Budget and then had to spend over 20 minutes convincing them that, no, I wouldn't take a Challenger. I did end up with a brand new noo-mileage GT, but it was a battle that shouldn't have had to happen.