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  1. New 22GT, is this the known bbq tick??

    My car has been synthetic blend since I bought it. If I stand with my ear to the front wheel I will here a random tick but it’s minimal. Nothing I can hear while driving. But the rattle yeah I have that in spades lol. To the OP drive the car around 2500 rpm and let off the throttle lightly...
  2. New 22GT, is this the known bbq tick??

    If you put a blower on it the engine warranty will be void whether the dealer blames it or not. If you are worried about it drive it hard for a while and see if anything gets worse. My Coyote makes some noises but it runs strong and has never changed since I bought it 4 years ago. And I don’t...
  3. Don’t use Royal purple (gen3 coyote)

    I just put a flea and tick collar around my intake tube and problem solved.......
  4. I Want To Play A Game

    I was dreaming my car was suffering from piston slap the other day but it was just my gal slapping my face trying to wake me up. Phew! I almost had to start drinking first thing in the morning.......................... again:)
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    New tires and alignment today! Continental DWS 06 Plus. I'm loving them so far and not misssing the stock POS Pzero Neros for a second. I can't believe I put up with them until today but I was just being a cheap bastard........ The car is so smooth now and actually has some grip for once. We...
  6. Anyone using mustang gt manual after their wife’s pregnancy as well?

    I was waiting for "if you bought an auto she wouldn't have even gotten pregnant" :)
  7. Battery Tender Installation, Light Flicker and Fuel Pump Cycle

    Same thing happened when I did mine as the extra nut I bought to use wouldn't stay on so I used the factory nut by disconnecting it and it of course flickered several times. Spooked me at the time. That was over 3 years ago and never a problem as a result of the flicker. You're fine :)
  8. Lost power after 2nd gear pull, fan started blowing loud air even when engine is turned off

    I don't know i had a major pucker moment with mine 2 months ago at about 75 mph. Pavement was cold but dry and just below freezing. Punched it (but not full) at 75 and the ass broke loose and started fish tailing side to side and I was sure I was going to lose it. Car was in Sport and all...
  9. As many have predicted…

    I see lots of local used car lots near me that have the same cars that have been there for months when prices were really high. I think they will take a bath on their inventory selling them before this settles out.
  10. Is it tramlining?

    I noticed this recently on my car before I parked it for the winter. I have the factory Pzero Nero's with close to 20k miles on them and they are basically done. New all seasons going on in the Spring. I won't miss them in the slightest :)
  11. Extended Warranty....your take?

    Thx for this I need to check mine too I can't recall. I know I didn't delete anything its whether the selling dealer I bought it from did.......... Will report back. Yup mine is not deleted so that is good to know!
  12. Extended Warranty....your take?

    I added a Ford ESP to mine just before my 3 year base warranty ended. I added the 8 year 50k mile based on my driving. I waited to make sure I intended to keep the car long term and I will because I love it! So for me it was peace of mind knowing I was covered for the extra 5 years (soon to be...
  13. Do people always wanna race you?

    For the most part no they don’t. They look over at that badass black 5.0 badge and then their nuts get sucked up into their body cavity like a ninja. :)
  14. What is the Fastest Speed You Have Reached, and for How Long?

    I just want to make sure my mom didn’t start this thread before I answer…….
  15. 12-15% Drop in highway and city/mixed driving MPG. What could be the reason?

    I recommend scope the block, pull the trans and yank the diff. But most importantly disconnect the centre dash speaker it’s the most likely culprit. :)
  16. Anyone else happy not to drive their mustang and just look at it?

    I look at it slightly differently. I don't spend a lot of money but I like my fast cars. I also figure having one or two more won't severely impact those I leave behind me. Conversely, me driving a fast V8 may get them the money sooner. :) .
  17. Will storing my mustang with stuff in the trunk mess up my suspension?

    This is why I always remove the engine block each year it really saves the front struts. :)