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  1. Bleeding Cooling System

    I just want to understand why it’s not happening naturally, like it should.
  2. Bleeding Cooling System

    Weellll, shit. I’ve never had to do this ever, but I got this Radium expansion tank and somethings not right. The system is not bled. The quantity is all over the place when hot, cold, running, not running, etc. And the worst part is when you first crank it up, you can clearly hear the...
  3. Tire Frustration

    @1hotboss unless it’s some Canada thing, there are plenty of the Conti 02’s available. Just got mine in 305/325 last week from discount tire.
  4. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    @LightGT Don't put a non lithium charger on a lithium battery. I did not do that. I hooked up a 12v jump start battery; not the same thing. That alone was enough to wake everything up.
  5. GT350 with staggard tire size of 315 and 325

    Oohhhh, careful with that assumption Fred! LOL. 🤪
  6. GT350 with staggard tire size of 315 and 325

    No sir, the most important question is how do they look?!?!? ;-)
  7. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Hahhahah…I would have been sorely disappointed if someone hadn’t caught that! Well done, sir!
  8. New Strut tower brace available

    You need to retitle your thread (strut tower brace). I got all excited thinking Bilstein or someone was coming out with something fancy for our car, LOL.
  9. New Conti Tire Out!

  10. New Conti Tire Out!

    Signature SV701’s!
  11. Need your thoughts on 5w-40 Motul

    If I didn't use what I currently use, I would most likely be using Motul for everything on the car!
  12. New Conti Tire Out!

    And yes...I did get them from you guys!
  13. Borla ATAk fans....

    The Ford Performance kit, made by Borla is not the ATAK.
  14. Radium Engineering Coolant tank

    Interesting little tidbit on this tank that I’m struggling with. I’m guessing it’s just due to the quantity of the tank. But I’m struggling to find a coolant level to stay with. Not a huge problem, but unexpected. Half way full in the sight window is too much when warm. It’s filling up and...
  15. Toe Link is a Toe Link is a Toe Link

    Yeah, I have done it. Just finished it actually. Must say I disagree. I didn't look too much into other camber arm options, but for the price point and all other factors, this seemed like the way to go. Especially with both arms in a package deal. Are some others easier? Probably yes...
  16. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    We both got new driving shoes...literally... Nothing beats the smell of new tires, LOL!!
  17. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    Aaahhhh yeah, I remember reading that. Jsut didn’t think of it today for this situation. Now it makes more sense.
  18. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    OK...I hooked up my AntiGravity (ironically) XP-10 and turned it on and the car immediately came back to life. Hooked up the C-Teck and it looks like all is well. It's at 11.6v when it came back. So it looks like Cory isolated itself to save...itself (LOL). No more keys in the...
  19. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    How do I go about that? So you're telling me maybe not all is lost? Or is this one truly at 0 and now garbage? Should I jump it? Is that even an option? Guess if it's isolated, that wouldn't work either?
  20. AntiGravity Battery Failure

    well for sure...just wanted a sanity check that I'm not missing or overlooking something stupid.