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  1. My Trip to Puerto Rico

    So the wife and I are taking a 10 day trip to Puerto Rico. I was born and raised on the island until the age of 10. I’ll be posting pics. This is my father and I and his shop and a place we visited yesterday to grab some grub. He has a 14Ksqft machine shop he’s had for close to 40 yrs. Some...
  2. Great tool

    I don’t know maybe the mods want to pin this for users. It gives you an overlay of your current set up with a new set up you may want to use. It compares the following parameters Diameter Circumference Poke Inset Speedo error Reading at 30mph Reading at 60mph Ride height gain Arch gap loss...
  3. Flowmaster Outlaw Review

    So I had the outlaws installed yesterday. Today went out and rode around with the biggest noise critic my wife. Now to give a little background. I have an 04 GTO. It has catless headers, with the SLP single side exhaust. My wife absolutely hates to ride in that car, because of the drone and...
  4. Welp He’s done

    Papa Smurf got wheels and tires. Went a bit old school not the low profile like most. But I like it. Rosenstine wheels 9.5 +35 Pirellis up front 275/40/19 10.5 +38 rear Goodyear 315/40/19
  5. Suspension Question

    I’ve thought of a few set up’s, a couple I’ve talked about here. The one I settled on I didn’t and this is what I’m going with. Reason is because of new health news so no road courses and just I’m gonna start traveling with the wife. I’m going with an old/new school lowered raked look. My set...
  6. Injector question

    I asked this on another part of the forum and got 0 response. So I’ll ask it here. Will EV14 injectors work on an ‘18 5.0. I know that the GT500 uses them and I know that the GT runs EV6. But will they work and if so what do I need to do to get them to work properly. I have a set of 8 60lb and...
  7. Injector Question

    Will EV14 injectors work in an 18+ mustang? TIA
  8. Christmas in February

    Here’s everything H&R Lowering springs, X pipe, Axle back, wheel nuts, (3of4) tires and wheels. The last tire should get here on Monday the same day I drop the car off. Should be done by Friday so I’ll have pics to post by the end of next week.
  9. Flow Master Outlaw & X Pipe

    Welp it’s here. Just got delivered. 🥰
  10. BMR Lowering springs

    Just got these puppies in the mail. Still looking at shocks and struts to mate up with these. They lower the car 1.75 inches. Papa Smurf should be sitting really nice when done.
  11. Which Car(s) do you regret getting rid off

    As the tittle says. Anyone who’s been in the car game for a while has a 1 or 2 cars they wished they should have kept. I have 3 ‘86 5.0 LX Mustang notch ‘02 C5 ‘04 Mustang GT The 86 notch because they had this really good retro look, and you see so many out there with either an LS or a...
  12. Ford Returns to F1 Racing!

    This is pretty damn awesome.
  13. Dumb SC question

    Im contemplating buying a GT500 stock SC. Whats the process of puting a GT500 oem sc on an ‘18 M6 5.0. I’m seeing them all over the place really cheap and I’m not looking to make gobs of power. About 600rwhp with as little work and effort as possible and it seems this is a good avenue. All...
  14. Just ordered these

    So I was broken on wheel size. The springs I’m getting will drop the car in all 4 corners about 1.75 inches. I wanted to get 18s, but that would have been a bit too low of a drop so I went with 19s. Rosenstein wheels 19x9.5 and 19x10.5 With an offset of 35/38. I’m positive with some negative...
  15. Best wife

    So I needed a key ring and I hadn’t gotten one and the wifey got me this. Pretty damn cool.👊🏼
  16. Looking into staggered 18” wheels

    I was wondering if by any chance anyone has outfitted their mustangs with 18” wheels staggered and what are some good ones. I’m going to get a set of H&R lowering springs and they lower the car 1.75”. So I’m looking to keep the 18s to minimize the rotating mass of the wheels. Now what I’ve ran...
  17. Ceramic coating is 🤩

    Had it done today and it’s nice. Car looks like glass. I went to a local car wash where they do hand wash. Left it and came back to this. Really impressed with the good work.
  18. C8Z v GT500

    Here is a short vid with some data and the Z running against a modded 500 and a stock one.