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  1. Challenger to Mustang Convert

    Hahaha, exactly my thoughts ! Lol When I read the comment, I looked at who posted it, being sure he did, and Oh, surprise, wasn't him lol
  2. Show me your stripes!

    Hey guys, Since a major MO-FO / SOB / Human turd / _ (I'll let you fill in the blank) reverse into hit my front bumper with his POS car (I can't imagine someone with a nice car doing it...), I have a pretty deep, approx. 2 inch scratch on it (it peeled the whole paint layer off there). Since...
  3. Sales stats

    Just like I probably wouldn't have bought a Mustang this year if they didnt have the V6, the 5.0 being out of budget for a DD personnally, and the Ecoboost being gutless (as in soundless and sounding like my previous european Fiesta) to me... To each their own, but yeah, not offering the...
  4. Problem driving at night...

    Holding their face up to the taillights would actually be the worst punishment ! lol
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Nice, looks really nice :thumbsup: I'd like it to be a bit bigger, but still looks awesome ;)
  6. My EU brochure came in.

    The sequentials are like one of my favorite features :) European lights seems "bleh" to me... To each their own, again :headbang:
  7. Financing a Mustang, has anyone done this?

    Well they DO expect more, especially when they see a guy driving around in a Mustang ! lol
  8. S550 Coyote as Lightning McQueen

    I'd say POSER !!! :lol::lol::lol:
  9. 2015 Mustang Picture Game!

    OH MY GOD, as a 1/2 Italian guy, I do NOT valid Olive Garden as being Italian ! LOL
  10. Must Have Options

    Cause you might not always see what's coming to you, it just adds some tridimensionnal input to the process... And like when you parallel park, it gives you a hint while you can still look around for cars or pedestrians and not have all of your attention given to the screen...
  11. Must Have Options

    Reverse sensors ! :thumbsup:
  12. Mystery solved-closing trunk without leaving fingerprints

    I use the side of my little finger, like the side of my hand, works just fine.
  13. Fixing lame paint paint job by Ford...

    Hey everyone, I'm asking your opinion on an issue I have with my Mustang; I took delivery of it, and didn't notice this issue until I detailed it the day after; You can see the sealer and paint job done at the factory isnt really well done, and was actually probably already "fixed"...
  14. First attempt at night photography with some light painting...

    Great job neighbour ! :) Wasn't a fan of TY, but THIS ONE, looks amazingly sharp :headbang: Love your wheels btw
  15. Big thanks to the Mustang Community!!!

    I guess it just takes a little more time then maybe, since they said they do... We'll see, will keep checking my mailbox on a regular Or at least let us know you dont please :)
  16. Steering wheel fading

    Or more like pissed on :headbang:
  17. Big thanks to the Mustang Community!!!

    Still nothing on my side... I guess you guys dont do international shipping eh ?! :(
  18. Just got a new Ecoboost Premium PP, What should I know?

    WOW, EcoSwag1990 definitely HAS changed lol But very true indeed :)
  19. Zombie Killer 5.0

    Awesome !!! :thumbsup: Not sure that grill delete would survive too long in case of a zombie apocalypse though lol
  20. Scraping the undercarriage

    I'd say it's totalled.... I'll give you 500$ for it :lol: