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  1. Florida Diode Dynamics Sequentail/Switchback LED Turn Signals w DRL Harness

    For sale is diode dynamics sequential/switchback LED turn signals with optional DRL harness. SOLD
  2. Florida (SOLD) BMR Cradle Lockout Kit with Steeda Subframe Alignment Kit

    For sale is BMR Cradle Lockout Kit CB005 with Steeda Subframe alignment kit. $180 shipped CONUS.
  3. Florida (SOLD) Sync 3 APIM Non-Nav

    Screen is sold, I have just the APIM now.
  4. Florida (SOLD) Sync 3 APIM Non-Nav

    This listing is just for the APIM. The screen I have does not respond to touch functions, but have it listed on ebay for Parts.
  5. GT SOLD 2019 2020 APIM Screen with Navigation

    Agreed. Very satisfied with my recent purchase
  6. Florida (SOLD) Sync 3 APIM Non-Nav

    Yes should be plug and play then. For carplay/android auto you will need a different USB hub in the center console and the harness to power the hub. P/N: HU5Z-19A387-A Media Hub You can make the harness yourself or Hextall sells the harness...
  7. Florida (SOLD) Sync 3 APIM Non-Nav

    Depending on the buildsheet of your car, yes you will with forscan. This particular APIM came out of a 2017 GT performance pack base, that had the 4th screen originally. If you have the 8in screen already its a fairly straight forward install. If you have the 4in screen, you will need a new...
  8. Florida (SOLD) Sync 3 APIM Non-Nav

    For sale is a Sync 3 APIM non-nav version. Excludes screen. Came out of a functioning car and already preprogramed for those base mustangs that want to upgrade to Sync 3. Great for those that are going from base or MFT radios. $140 shipped. I realize I have no feedback here yet, but please see...
  9. 2018 GT w/dead touch screen

    Did you ever get yours to work? Any solution, mine is doing the same thing.