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  1. Correct wheels & tires You can use this tool and it will give you just about everything you need including poke
  2. GM is pulling back on EVs

    The most recent photo I can find of beach erosion. 😂
  3. The LOUDEST Exhaust We've Ever Tested | Corsa Xtreme Cat-Back & BBK Long Tube Headers | Sound Clip

    I’m getting old cause I couldn’t do this any more. This exhaust would last a few hours on then I’d be ripping it out. Maybe 20 yrs ago in my early 30s when I thought that was cool.
  4. Best Tires for Street Driving

    The only tire I’ve had that have done this are the old Toyo R888s on 18lbs I’d cut a 1.6 60ft at a semi prepped track and fill them to 35lbs and go corner carving
  5. GM is pulling back on EVs

    I do think eventually catalytic would have made their way into vehicles eventually. Maybe a little later than the actual push. But if you look nation wide here in the US there are places that have emissions test to be able to operate your vehicles and others don’t. For years one area I lived in...
  6. GM is pulling back on EVs

    In todays society there are no needs until the manufacturer makes a need for it. Right now smartphones where a need that was made and people can’t seem to live with out them. This is the argument that many like me have made and maybe you can meet me half way. If the market itself said that they...
  7. GM is pulling back on EVs

    You can’t connect the dots looking forward no one can. You can only connect them looking back.
  8. Fiberglass Mafia wheel/tire fitment question

    You can go with a 20/35 offset in front and rear. It’ll fill the gap for the flairs and look good. More then likely it’ll be a pricy set though.
  9. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Why I don’t explain anything to him nor worry what he thinks of what I can or can’t do!🤷🏼‍♂️👊🏼
  10. GM is pulling back on EVs

    Brother I don’t waste time explaining to @Gregs24 my post. He’s is supposed to be head and shoulders above us peons in intelligence. If he can’t get the sarcasm, he needs to just live with it. 😂
  11. GM is pulling back on EVs

    May the cognitive dissonance be strong with you Luke.
  12. GM is pulling back on EVs

    You do know that you can’t stop water from eroding sand and land right? Do you know about that big thing we have in the states called the Grand Canyon? I know that’s climate change too huh? 😂
  13. Is it OK to post about a shady dealer ...?

    Like I have said you have to be smart enou to walk away even from a car that you really want. Why because something else might come along at a better price or better offer. That’s what I did with my ‘18. I walked away and I got a call back the next day.
  14. GM is pulling back on EVs

    If what they had said decades ago (when global warming was the cool thing to say) about the poles melting and water levels rising in any area that there was beachfront development there would have been an immediate stop for any loans and development. Banks are a great decider when supposed...
  15. GM is pulling back on EVs

    The 🤡 News Network 😂
  16. GM is pulling back on EVs

    So now the UN says we have to shut the oil off now or else 😂 Got it from CNN so some folks don’t say it’s propaganda alarmist news network.🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. GM is pulling back on EVs

    No the hypocrisy of the people that folks like you praise as climate “champions” because they talk a good game but do everything opposite of the diarrhea that comes out of their mouth.
  18. Piston Slap after not starting in a while? 3rd Gen Coyote

    When you let the car sit for too long all the oil drains to the pan and out of the pump. leaving very small amount of oil film on the cylinder walls. If you start the engine it’s going to take a second for the pump to prime and start distributing oil. This has occurred with GTOs as wel when...