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  1. Nebraska Mishimoto intercoooler and Accessport package

    Kinda interested in that Accessport. What the $ to ship to Texas?
  2. Nebraska Mishimoto intercoooler and Accessport package

    oh that accessport looks appealing. I already have mishi intercooler.
  3. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    I live in houston area too. So AC is a must. replaced my evap in Summer 2020 and it has survived the year so far. I took it all apart and did it at home. LINK Used forum resources and some youtube. The coolant, adding more did work for a while for me but eventually i had to replace it. Car has...
  4. floor mats you like.

    I use these too. I like the look and they been good for me here in texas. through the wet season and summers. Driver side does have some wear, but they held up. I think the husky liners are good, but too 'truck' like in appearance. like in a truck or suv I'd run them but I wanted a slicker...
  5. Your Thoughts on Ford (mustang) Moving To New Car Orders Only

    I got lucky on the dealer lot with my mustang. 23k drive out for a 2016 ecoboost base model with 7 miles on it. That was also thanks to a newspaper ad for black friday. I'd imagine the days of browsing newspaper ads for car deals are long over. No more one only, or few to choose from types. the...
  6. Georgia $250: STARTER SET: used Mishimoto Intercooler, Charge Pipes, FRPP Intake

    dang that's a pretty good deal, but shipping would be high i'd imagine
  7. Looking for dash cam recommendations

    I had a viofo A119 v2 in the car for a while. I then gave the dashcam to my dad. i use the A129 now so I can have front and rear camera. Hardwire kit too. It's straight forward as all cameras go. Picture is good, and viofo has fairly good following of users across the internet, so you can always...
  8. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    someone needs to chill a bit. I had the AC issue but it's still my favorite car i've owned. plenty of cars sold in the American market are made in America with global parts despite who the company is, Kia, Hyundai, Toyota, etc. It's crappy that the evap went bad; from my understanding the...
  9. A/C Evaporator Replaced Due To Leak

    I dont recall putting any PAG back in the system, I think there was still oil as the vacuum doesn't pull the oil. We did use some of that leak finder dye which was a PAG combo type from the auto store. I didn't add You had a second one died?! Holy crap. Well if this motorcraft one dies on me...
  10. A/C Evaporator Replaced Due To Leak

    it should come with them when you order the new evaporator. Well a motorcraft should have the gaskets. I can't recall if the 3rd parties will. Check RockAuto and CarID to see. None of this stuff will be local except for a ford dealership, and that's already $$$. Motorcraft came with the...
  11. Colorado Steeda Lowering Springs

    the regular drop or the minimal drop? shipping to texas available?
  12. Texas (Price Dropped) BMR Low Profile Jacking Rails

    kinda interested, but we're expecting a freeze soon in h-town.
  13. Florida 17 GT black hood & 16GT White Fender

    you're gonna toss it? what?! i'm not looking but dang...
  14. Aluminum Alloy Lug Nuts for the Mustang?

    So my buddy has a cousin in Taiwan who owns TDMi Imports. Smaller car company based out of Taiwan, and known for suspension and chassis and seem to do custom brake kit builds. Anyways, I bought some raffle tickets with my buddy to see if I could win a new brake kit, I ended up winning 2 lugnut...
  15. EB Deck Lid Panel

    my panel on my EB kind of start peeling off, like glue failing. so i been looking to replace, but I'm out in texas.
  16. Anyone know a good guy for AC Evaporator Replacement

    I was able to do it with my Dad over the weekend a while back. Link So far so good. Thanks for checking. Maybe if there is ever any work that I'm extra concern with or something beyond the realm of DIY, I could look into it.
  17. A/C Evaporator Replaced Due To Leak

    So I have a 2016 Ecoboost base with an automatic. AC had been failing on me in these Texas summers, reddit, this forum and the other says what’s happening. A bill for $2300 is really crazy to replace the AC Evap, the dealership quoted that and they want to replace the whole climate control...
  18. Ideas for New Head Unit?

    how is the metra kit? My cousin in car audio seems to point me to the metra over the scoshe. How's the AC controls? Did you keep the sync connections? Looks nice.
  19. Anyone in FL (or high temp states) using dash cams that withstand the heat?

    I'm here in Texas. And for 2-3 years now, I been using the Viofo A119 v2. It's been not hardwire, it's via plug right now. I haven't had any problems with it here, it's mounted under the 'ford' on the windshield. I park it outdoors, so mostly in the sun and summer. No issues and I would upgrade...