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  1. What do I need to determine if/what is my boost leak?

    Was pushing it a bit and noticed my boost never seemed to go past 15 even in 40 deg cold weather. Do I have to hit pretty much redline to see max boost of ~20? Is there a kit to determine where my boost leak is? I found this but am unsure what else I'd need...
  2. Part # for oem oil drain plug/bolt? [resolved]

    Can't seem to find the part # for my 22 ecoboost mustang online. Looking to do my first oil change next week, wanted to have a spare plug just in case something happens. found it:
  3. Fire extinguisher mount for S550?

    I couldn't mount the bracketeer under the seat and returned it. Anyone found any solutions to mount a run of the mill 2.5 lb fire extinguisher? thanks
  4. Open lid Roush CAI... did I mess up?

    Ordered my Roush CAI from Levittownford, and accidentally bought the open lid one instead of the closed lid one I installed it anyways, since it looks like the highlighted yellow seal actually...
  5. Muffler delete on MBRP race catback exhaust?

    I have the MBRP race catback exhaust, and was wondering if I straight piped these 2 mufflers would that affect emissions/require a tune and pass inspection? Love the rumbly sound as is but seeing if I could wake it up even more since I'm not going with a downpipe for now. Also would it trigger a...
  6. Best quarter louvers that actually curve to the window?

    Been wanting some rear quarter louvers, but it seems all the popular ones on AM don't sit flush on all the edges of the window since they're mostly straight. Anyone have experience with some basic quarter louvers that actually sit flat on all the edges?
  7. Add liquimoly ceratec for ecoboost oil change?

    Been going down the rabbit hole, I see everyone seems to like ceratec for the 5.0's but not much out there about using it for the ecoboost. Their website says ideal for turbochargers, so was wondering if there'd be any cons to doing so just for some peace of mind. Planning out my first oil...
  8. ShiftSolutionsCo Ebrake Handle... nice but PITA

    after taking apart the console and getting to the actual oem ebrake boot and cutting the zip tie off, you have to basically use all your muscle to pry the stock ebrake off with a big ass flathead... not too bad yet well turns out the set screws in the new handle don't even reach that metal part...
  9. Mustang screen stuck on time/date?

    Long story, I got my ford performance procal tune and went to a shop to get it installed. Shop finished downloading the stock file, went to register the voucher code and got already activated error message and wrong email. They disconnected everything and I drove back home, but the screen is...
  10. Do I actually need colder spark plugs?

    I keep seeing recommendations for the NGK Ruthenium 95605 (-1 Step Colder) spark plugs. How about the FORD PERFORMANCE COLD SPARK PLUG SET? Currently have MBRP catback race exhaust, Turbosmart kompact dual port bov, Ford performance oil-air separator, CVF street intercooler, and will be getting...
  11. Ford Procal Tune Registration

    I just received my Ford Performance pack, the instructions say to register the Voucher ID online. I don't have a windows computer and was planning to have the ASE certified shop install everything for me for the warranty. Do I still register the voucher ID on my own computer first, or should...
  12. Help a noobie with installing an intercooler (NOVA area)?

    Long shot but wondering if anyone with experience could help me install a CVF Street Intercooler on my ecoboost. Not super mechanically inclined, I've done all the mods in my signature except for the exhaust (since I didn't have a jack then). I'd like to keep my active grill shutters so not sure...
  13. How to change out ebrake handle?

    Does anyone have a video of how to remove and change out the ebrake handle on a S550 mustang? Looking to purchase one of these but unsure if it's a simple plug and play update: think I found one...
  14. Is a heavy shift knob bad for the transmission?

    Didn't know where else to ask this but looking to get either a 200g or 600g shift knob from shift solutions co, does a weighted shift knob basically simulate resting your hand on it?
  15. Will an underbody flush wash away blaster surface shield rust protectant?

    I usually go to this touchless car wash (alternating with an actual detailer), 3 of the 4 options include an underbody flush. Is this fine if I've used blaster surface shield rust protectant all under the car? main concern is it washing it all off (I'm near DC so 0 snow so far but just wanting...
  16. Does the dealer use full synthetic when you get an oil change?

    Dumb question, but in the manual for my ecoboost it says Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil under capacities and specifications. Does this mean when I go to get my oil changed it won't be full synthetic? Should I bring my own full synthetic and have them use that?
  17. Custom Badge

    $60 from main event emblems, didn't want those boosted badges everyone else has lol
  18. How do I remove this pushpin rivet? (RESOLVED)

    This is the 8mm pushpin rivet that comes with the Ford Performance oil air separator (part #W714400-S300). I accidentally pushed it in and now can't for the life of me get it out... or is this one permanent edit: I'm a doofus, had to use one of those trim removal tools to get the little...
  19. Parker Performance Ecoboost maintenance pack necessary?

    Came across the parker performance ecoboost maintenance pack, do I actually need the low pressure fuel sensor and the Ford OEM purge valve? And how come it says Ford OEM purge valve, wouldn't that come with the car from factory then? I have a '22 ecoboost if that matters
  20. Does installing lowering springs require removal of wheel spacers?

    Does a shop just have to remove the rims, or do they have to take the spacers off as well? Because I just installed these spacers and don't want to go through the headache of redoing everything if a shop has to touch them