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  1. Crank relearn

    I’m Installing a new crank position sensor because the old one went out, so I have to perform a crank relearn with the new one? Also, what does crank relearn do?
  2. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    I went to do a pull, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, upcoming red light so I slowed down, downshifted into 2nd but got locked out so I missed it. I stop and smoke starts coming up (light amount of smoke) from the front of the car. I put it in first, it doesn’t go, I put it in second, it doesn’t go. Put it in...
  3. How to tighten hand brake? (2018)

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the only place to tighten the hand brake on the 2018’s is under the car I found the nut Im supposed to tighten but the exhaust and driveshaft are in the way. It’s such a dumb place to put that nut. I don’t have any tools that long that can get to it and squeezing my...
  4. Need instructions for repair

    After finding out how much Ford is charging for parts and labor for a valve cover gasket ($900) I’m going to do it myself. Does anyone know where I can find instructions/ step by step on this repair? I found a repair guide on the forum for a 2017 but not sure if it’s the same for a 2018 due to...
  5. Took my tuned car in for servicing

    I brought in my mustang into ford to get the valve cover gaskets replaced. One side started leaking oil. I’m fixing it under warranty. The car is tuned though and It has headers and CAI. My performance tune also includes a tune for the JLT CAI. What are the dangers of them flashing it back to...
  6. Need parts!

    Ford found my wobbling issue, stabilizer bolt to control arm was loose. They also gave me a list of things that need to get replaced. - Lower stabilizer bar bushings blown - LH cv axle leaking - LH valve cover gasket leaking oil actively Along with the bushings, I want to replace both front...
  7. Rear end wobble

    When going around bends (40mph-60mph+) my car starts wobbling uncontrollably. It feels like the 2 back wheels move left and right as they please. When I step on it in a straight line it does it too. Almost as if the rear end is shaking its butt. The tires aren’t braking loose, and it’s not the...
  8. Rear axles off center

    I was talking with someone about my mustang and they asked if my rear suspension is off center because I’m lowered. I never noticed this before but I checked, and my suspension seems to be off center to the right. Could this be why my car has a wobbling issue while I’m driving and taking...
  9. Misfires

    I just changed my upstream O2 sensors. Everything is plugged in and looked good to go. I go to start my car and everything is normal for a couple seconds then it starts misfiring and idling very badly. It didn’t stall at all. The air/fuel ratio is going nuts. Old codes: P0141 - O2 sensor...
  10. Random plug?

    Anyone know what this plug is for? It’s right above the passenger control arm, to the right of the oil pan. Next to the headers.
  11. Clutch sticking?

    Whenever I’m doing a pull, WOT, 60mph to 100+mph and go to quickly shift around 6k-7k rpm, the car jerks forward as if I just clutch kicked it or no lift shifted. Is the clutch just too hot and sticks? My foots fully coming off the throttle so I’m not sure what might be causing it. Is it normal...
  12. Stripped nut extraction help!

    I installed wheel spacers months ago, and I went to try and take them off today (doing some wheel hub work) and I noticed that I couldn’t get the nuts off of them. They’re not rusted on. It seems like they either over torqued themselves with months of driving or froze during winter. Driver side...
  13. Steering Wheel Help

    I’m looking to get one of these steering wheels but have some questions. Carbon Fiber vs Carbon Fiber w/LEDs. Those with the LED shift lights, are those lights blinding at night? Do they ever get in the way or distract you?
  14. Mustang Tick

    I need this famous mustang tick gone!! It’s so loud! How is nobody able to find a solution for it yet? (Super zoomed in video for privacy of family member)
  15. Wobbling issue

    I’ve posted about this, but thought I’d go more into detail to rule out what else it could be. When accelerating (both Full throttle and regular throttle) between 60mph - 80mph+, the car wobbles on acceleration. It’s a slight wobble as if the wheels are turning left and right a couple degrees...
  16. What is causing this sound?

    A couple of days ago I started my car after a very cold icy morning, and I started hearing this sound. It happens when the car is cold but goes away after a couple of minutes. Any thoughts? I haven’t looked under yet… It’s too cold outside. When the engine is warm and I rev it, I don’t hear the...
  17. AmericanMuscle Wheels

    I shop a lot on AmericanMuscle and so far no complaints. I was checking out their RTR Tech 7 wheels and was wondering if they’re genuine RTR wheels or reps? Are AM wheels genuine or reps?
  18. Does your shifter vibrate?

    Whenever I’m beating on the car, and go to shift a bit before redline, the shifter vibrates a lot. Is this normal, or is something loose?
  19. What does your car sound like doing a pull?

    My setup: BBK LTH w/BBK Catted mid pipes, GT350 Exhaust w/x-pipe whats your exhaust setup? Post your videos!
  20. Need tires recommendations

    I currently have some $130 all seasons tires. I need new tires. It’s starting to get cold here in WA. I need grip! What are some good All Season tires? (I don’t want to get winter tires because I want to use them through all the other seasons as well)