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  1. Infotainment system is possessed!

    Sounds like the touch screen is damaged or has contamination causing spurious touches. I would try cleaning the screen with a dampened lint-free cloth. After that, I believe that holding down the radio power and fast-forward buttons at the same time for 5+ seconds will force a restart.
  2. Convert boot side cover panel

    Came with my '17, used them while driving home from the dealer, don't think I have used them since. I suppose if the car was going to be in a parade or something I might, but otherwise it is not worth the trouble.
  3. My new (to me) ride.

    Might want to consider an coolant overflow tank to replace that ugly plastic football.
  4. First time Mustang owner learning to work on cars...what should I do?

    Suggest an oil separator. There is debate if this is really needed on a normally aspirated car, but the JLT I put on the passenger side of my '17 GT pulls about ~3 oz. of oil per oil change. It's not much, but I would rather not have that oil go through the intake tract. The JLT separator simply...
  5. Tips for dealing with road rage?

    Users might be well advised to reconsider admitting to aggressive or outright illegal road behavior on public forums. If you have the misfortune to become involved in a serious legal situation following a traffic collision, it is very likely the opposing lawyer will use that against you.
  6. Anyone Else's Insurance Rate Increased? (+30%!)

    Just received my latest renewal. Rate unchanged for past 18 months.
  7. Tips for dealing with road rage?

    Another thought is not to attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity. Seems to me that in the vast majority of negative on-road encounters, the other driver was simply inattentive or careless. I've lost count of the number of near collisions I've avoided when the other driver was...
  8. Tips for dealing with road rage?

    A couple of thoughts. First, someone upthread suggested a Miata. This may not help, my previous cars included a Miata and a Honda S2000. Other drivers do not give these small roadsters space, indeed one of the reasons I am now in a Mustang is that my partner was not comfortable in traffic in...
  9. Ford saves v8

    Ford won't be able to establish a synthetic fuel infrastructure on its own. I would hope the oil companies are looking into this in order to have a market in the future.
  10. All Sales Final? Maybe Not. Yo-Yo Deals.

    The most frequent victims of the spot delivery scam appear to be people that do not have the wherewithal to 'go after' the perpetrators. Sometimes, the justice you get is the justice you can afford. What is most depressing to me is dealer lobbying organizations defending this practice, as if...
  11. Ford Returns to F1 Racing!

    The current and future F1 tech specs require a hybrid powertrain that is highly dependent on the electrical components (battery, electric motor/generator, and power management system). Development of the F1 powertrain should yield innovations that apply to road cars.
  12. Brand New And Broke

    The people that price the extended warranty have access to much better reliability data than a consumer does. You can be sure it is priced to cover the anticipated cost to pay out any claims plus a healthy profit for both Ford and the selling dealer. I think you would always be better off to put...
  13. Wheel locking kit: have I been ghosted?

    Mine were in a separate package - 4 lugs and 1 adapter - in the car on delivery. The factory does not install them. It's far more likely that the dealer removed them and they are now for sale in thier parts department than that the factory forgot to put them in the car. In any case, you are...
  14. 302 fender badge?

    The ideal solution would be a new make old style 302 badge or 302 High Performance badge with pins that match the fender locating holes in an S550 5.0 badge. I haven't seen anything like that so far.
  15. As many have predicted…

    The only constant in life is change. I think that one of the reasons I was able to stay professionally employed over a fairly long career was that I took it upon myself to constantly update my skill set - not necessarily for my current work, but for the work I could be doing in 3-5 years or more.
  16. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Today I did NOT get sideswiped by a Hyundai changing lanes into me without looking. Thank goodness for PP brakes.
  17. No Drill License Plate Suggestions

    +1 on the Craig's Brackets. Does what it claims, and as a bonus easy to remove for detailing etc.
  18. Average Age Of Owners.

    66. I have always had sporty or sports cars, but my Mustang is my first Mustang and first V-8. I got in enough trouble on < 100 hp when young, I'm not sure 18-year-old me would have survived a 435 hp car.
  19. Mustang wipers blades? Confused do they come in single or pairs

    Basically, clean them. I was detailing my car yesterday and wiped down the contact edge of the blades with a cloth wet with windshield wash solvent - and the cloth came away black! That's grime and grit no longer on the blade and being ground against the windshield.
  20. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Warmed up enough yesterday for a wash and exterior detail. Looks like it will stay warm today, so will do the interior detail today!