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  1. Matte metallic grey paint code

    Like the subject says, anyone know where to get a touch up or the paint code for the matte metallic Grey used on our Mach 1s? TIA
  2. Opinion on next set of wheels

    Looking for some opinions on next set of wheels. Been going back and forth on the Ford HP rims but don't really like the pokein the front or the look of the plastic trim to extend the wheel well. If I did go with em I'd add the gt500 piece behind the front fender or go with the SVE option as...
  3. Nor Cal Mach 1s

    We have a few meet ups in the east bay this weekend. Love to see your cars in person and meet y'all. Had a great time with @traxiii last weekend. Here's a link to my post.
  4. Car Meet Ups

    We have a couple great free meet ups and shows in the east bay this weekend. Hope to see you guys out there. Friday pizza and pistons- brentwood ca. Saturday new car mel. Winter Chevrolet Pittsburg ca. There is an entry fee. Sunday fast and furious fight against...
  5. 1 piece driveshaft

    Has anyone made the move to an aluminum 1 piece driveshaft? If so what brand and how difficult was the install. Looking for any and all opinions, even if you've had previous experience with one on an s550 or share a friends experience. Thanks in advance. I'll be installing FI this winter once...
  6. 305/30/19 on 10 inch rim

    Will a 305/30/19 fit on a 10 inch rim without an excessive bulg? Anyone who has done it can you share pictures. Thanks in advance
  7. 2023 Mach 1 will be available

    Well looks like the Mach 1 will be carried over.
  8. New Tesla Unlimited Range!!! Whoa!!!

    The new Tesla charge as you go option. Unlimited mileage 🤣🤣🤣
  9. 2024 photos on the open

    Like the title says... Looks like someone has been making some adjustments to their car @chazcron
  10. ProCharger Vs Whipple

    So got confirmation from Procharger they have submitted for the Mach 1 to get CARB approved. While Lethal is offering 10% off the whipple this weekend. 10% off the Stg 2 is a nice discount that goes along ways for rear traction upgrades. Without the sale both the Procharger and Whipple are...
  11. Waterless Car Wash

    Wondering who has had good success with waterless car was. A guy I met at CnC recommended 3D waterless car wash. Anyone use it? Any other brands people have used? Thanks a bunch M1 Owners
  12. FJG Mach 1 had a child

    Looks like a FJG Mach 1 and a Silver explorer had a child.
  13. Hot August Nights

    I'll be posting pictures throughout the coming days but here are a few to wet your whistle
  14. Sunday Fun

    Out smoking pork sirloin lunch, then taking one of the ponies of for a ride. What's everyone else up to on this Sunday?
  15. What's in your cup holder

    Been reading a lot of anger and pissing contests lately, so I thought it might be fun to play a game of "what's in your cup holder?" Pictures score extra points. Let's have some fun...
  16. Mach 1 Whipple stg 1 or 2?

    Looking for some opinions on which whipple stage to go with. I have a 2014 gen 4 stage 3 and the tuning with the 132mm TB was a hassle and in hindsight I wish I had passed on the 132mm. Have there been any improvements on the how the electronics, tune etc for the 132 on the gen 5? Thanks for...