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  1. Crank relearn

    O OEM sensor from Ford. Thanks for the heads up on the tone ring. I think I’m giving this job to the dealer to handle. Too much for me in my driveway.
  2. Crank relearn

    Update: I installed the sensor (yes in the correct position) and started it up. Same results… I checked wiring with a multimeter and everything looked good. I cleared all my codes and started the car and proceeded to do a crank relearn. As I was revving up, around 4K rpm it wouldn’t let me go...
  3. Crank relearn

    I have a SCT X4 which has crank relearn. I just wanna know if you have to do it when replacing just a sensor.
  4. Crank relearn

    I’m Installing a new crank position sensor because the old one went out, so I have to perform a crank relearn with the new one? Also, what does crank relearn do?
  5. Rear end wobble

    UPDATE: Solved! Bolt was loose where the control arm bolts to the swaybar. Tightened it and no more wobble
  6. Rear end wobble

    I bought the car lowered. I drove it for 2 months and the car randomly started wobbling. The issue was the bolt that held the control arm to the swaybar was loose and it made it wobble. Dealer tightened it and it’s all fixed!
  7. Help ID this sound please

    The car is throwing codes but in Morse code. Figure out what it’s telling you and fix it!
  8. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    That’s enough to make a grown man cry 😭 I don’t have any experience pulling a starter so I’ll have to research how to do that first.
  9. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Ordered a new one directly from ford!
  10. What did I break?!

    That is your EVAP vacuum line. I don’t know how you’ll replace it but it’s needed for correct AFR (air/fuel ratio) readings. Others, correct me if I’m wrong.
  11. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    A new one is already on its way! I’m hoping it’ll fix it. I’m also curious if the wiring is okay because the code does say “circuit” in it.
  12. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    No, my regular shifting is around 3k rpm, but if I’m driving hard I shift around 6,500rpm, unless I’m sliding the car or doing a full send, then I shift it close to redline. I don’t full send often, but I do drive the car hard.
  13. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Clutch pedal feels smooth still. Shifting as well.
  14. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Yeah I took out the active shutter grille. Temps actually went down. I’m aware of what the codes are I just don’t have the knowledge of knowing if it’s just the sensor or the car is out of timing. I also want to know what crank relearn is and if I should do it when the new sensor comes in?
  15. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    After pulling the Crank sensor, cleaning off the metal shavings and reinstalling it (just to test if it’ll work), the car still has the same issues but the misfiring codes went away and these codes remain.
  16. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    So the car still drives. I put it in reverse and just kicked up the RPMs to around 2k and slowly released clutch and it still drove. Still Misfiring though.
  17. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Alright, those who know and aren’t speculating, how does it look? It has metal shaving on the crankshaft sensor (Yes I’ve grinded a gear or two in the past) Are these shaving normal wear and tear or something worse?
  18. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Yeah I was able to get it into gear. But every time I release clutch slowly it would stall
  19. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    No knocking, banging, or clicking at all. Just misfire. The smoke is probably from the clutch or high flow cats getting hot. Oil level is still good! Mods: Intake, Headers, Exhaust, Tune.
  20. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Just looked at some diagrams online and I should be able to get to it if I take out the battery box. I just hope my timing isn’t off.