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  1. Storing car in unheated spaces during winter and tires

    I wont be driving the car during snow or really cold weather like sub 40F. But the tires on the car are summer only and say not to expose the tires to flexing sub 20F. Does flexing mean like just gravity weighing down parked or flexing mean turning? My understanding is even parked the temps...
  2. Rhode Island WTB: OEM Gen 2 GT350 wheels

    Looking for wheels only. May entertain wheels with non summer only tires.
  3. Is a tracked vehicle a dealbreaker?

    So after a long drawn out process trying to find the right car I found a great car. After chatting with the owner it was brought up he tracked the car a few times. He seemed really enthusiastic about it and really knowledgeable on tracking so im wondering if it was more than a few times. I...
  4. TCI Logistics Shipping Reviews

    Has anyone contracted these guys before? Would you recommend?