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  1. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Another reason that they stopped using sand is because it clogs up the sewers. But here in the Great Lakes region, they traded off having to clean the sewers of sand, for putting salt in our great lakes instead. Doesn't seem like a good tradeoff to me.
  2. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    By the time I headed back home yesterday I couldn't even see the black stripe on my car. I cleared the passenger side, then the driver side, and the passenger side was covered again. It was really coming down hard. We had 11" according to the newspaper.
  3. Bourbon

    Today marks the 126th anniversary of the Bottled in Bond Act, a crucial moment in the history of bourbon. Broke out one of my BiB bottles to commemorate this historic act. Having some Henry McKenna bottled-in-bond
  4. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    Looks like I will get a chance to get a picture in the snow today. We are predicted to get 8 - 10" today. Flurries started a little while ago. My wife is glad that I was supposed to see a client in my alternate office 5 miles from home rather than my usual office 25 miles away. And it started...
  5. 10R80 Owners - ULTIMATE M6G 10R80 Facts + Resolutions to harsh or no shift conditions

    I had my car in to be checked last week. I was getting that same "dead spot" like I shifted into neutral rather than drive. They ran a bunch of tests, including following the TSB, but found nothing. At least it is now on record if something comes up later (still under warranty now though)
  6. 2018+ 10R80 (A10) - most recent TSB’s in here

    My 2019 is at the dealer right now to be checked. In the morning putting it in reverse it slams into gear. Some mornings after backing out and putting it in Drive it delays like I hit neutral. Evenings after coming from my office 25 miles away, mostly highway driving with transmission up to...
  7. How old are the "seniors" (over 65) on this forum?

    69 and on my 5th Mustang. Started with a 1965 triple black convertible in college. Then it wasn't until 2006 when I got a triple black convertible again and put a supercharger on it. Sold the 2006 and ordered a 2013 convertible and decided the supercharger was so much fun I was going to turbo...
  8. Duct Tape Above Exhaust - ?

    Yes I use it a lot. I have it set to start up in "quiet mode" between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. since I live in a condo and don't want to wake my neighbor (surprising how loud it is in "normal" which is the start up otherwise). And then I hit the "sport" mode while driving through the subdivision if I...
  9. Is My Rear Bumper the Wrong One?

    Possibly with the 2018 model year.
  10. Is My Rear Bumper the Wrong One?

    Not necessarily. Only if you have that optional package as well. It isn't part of the "premium". My 2017 didn't have the rear sensors because I didn't have the "safe and secure"package. There are lots of premium bumper covers without sensors, and if you try to buy a rear bumper one of the...
  11. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Degrees explained: First you get your BS, and we all know what that stands for Then you get you MS, which stands for "More of the Same" Finally you get your PhD, which stands for "Piled higher and Deeper" (thankfully I have JD)
  12. Cars you regret not buying

    I knew the owner of the Ford dealership near me, must have been in 2008. Tom said, "you have to stop by and see the car I have here". So dropped in and he had a Shelby GT500KR that he ordered for a Ford exec, but when the car came in he said he changed his mind. Tom said it was sucking up a lot...
  13. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    But why, if they bought a vowel, is the "I" missing in AIR?
  14. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    No problems with the Torsen diff in my 2019. Not any different feeling from my 2006, 2013, or 2017 that had the Ford T-lok. Although you are right about the feeling making a turn on dry pavement. I actually took it in to have it checked under warranty thinking something was wrong with the rear...
  15. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    No pictures, but I've always used my Mustang year round. This year I put dedicated snow tires on. I have 2 sets of wheels and tires - one with the original wheels and summer tires, and then bought another set with all season Pirelli. I hate the Pirelli tires, wear quick, no real grip, and this...
  16. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Yes the car has to run during the entire process
  17. Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    That is correct. If you don't disable the "auto engine off" when doing the update with a memory stick, the engine will shut down after about 20 minutes and you have to start the installation all over again. The auto engine off is a safety feature. If you forget to turn the car off when you park...
  18. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    I'm sure that you aren't the only one who saw that meme, several of my friends posted it on social media as well.
  19. Can we have a funny meme thread? (NO POLITICS!)

    Funny, but it actually is set in 2923 so we have to wait 900 years to wear this.
  20. Random thoughts.......................

    Your shadow exists because light that traveled 93 million miles unobstructed, was prevented of reaching the last few feet of its journey. All thanks to you.