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  1. hellion sleeper radiator clearance

    Who has a hellion sleeper kit with an aftermarket radiator did you have any clearance issues with the scavenge pump hitting the fan shroud?
  2. Shift light question

    is there a trick to making the shift light stay permanently on I have to turn it back on after a couple of drives would like for it to always be on
  3. new cams just showed up

    anyone install these yet
  4. awsome voodoo swap by fat fab

    just came across this thought yall might like it
  5. anderson composites gt500 hood

    has anyone bought and installed this hood any pictures what was fitment like and is it taller in the middle does it give more clearance under the hood
  6. oil pressure readings

    just some oil pressure reading y'all might find interesting these are cruising in 5th at 65mph the glowshift gauges are plumbed to the back of the heads
  7. 2017 hellion sleeper install

    started my teardown today worked on it for 6 hrs today feel like I'm making good progress will answer as many questions as I can
  8. mgw gen 2 shifter

    gen 2 shifter video Looks good I'll be picking one up when they're available for order
  9. Hellion owners come on in

    I ordered the hellion sleeper kit for my gt350 going with pte 68/70 gen 2. Still waiting on the kit to come in but I've started buying the supporting mods for it. Just trying to get an idea of what all I need for the kit. So far I have a fore triple pump full system , eboost 2 with single...
  10. how much power can the gt350 stock fuel system handle

    Orderd the hellion sleeper for my gt350 plan on running it on about 6 or 7 pounds till I have my spare engine built up for high boost how much power can the stock fuel system handle on 93 octane
  11. Has anyone gotten an 18" wheel to fit over the stock rear brakes

    Trying to get a little more tire on the rear has anyone done it keeping the stock rear brakes
  12. anderson composites carbon swing

    will the swing fit on my 2017 track pack without leaving empty holes to fill and paint im probably going to buy it and the gurney flap next month
  13. Bought a gt350

    6400 miles 2017 grabber blue tech pack
  14. turbo piston

    slowly getting parts together for a twin 64/66 build got my block in today already have a crank and a set of rods am looking for the best piston to go into it either a manley or diamond what are you guys running or recommend block is a bear block motors 5.0 ultra mmr race prepped crank manley...
  15. f150 heads vs mustang heads

    what are the differences between the two heads is it just the valves or are they a completely different casting
  16. Any updates on the turbonetics drop in

    Wondering if any one has heard about the new turbonetics turbo?