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  1. Has anyone swapped their center bumper trim?

    Hood is about the only weight saving items available. Which is what the point of carbon should be.
  2. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    If you don't have emissions testing you wouldn't have a problem. Liability.
  3. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    They have custom blankets made for the turbo setups now. Which is also what many endurance race cars use or formed heat shields, without any coatings.
  4. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    Both are great companies and make great products imo.
  5. Added another Shelby to the Garage 👍👍

    Yeah, doesn't really make sense for them to continue, when they stay covered up on higher power builds. Iirc the '600r' was headers and e85. (Correct me if I'm wrong). It wasn't cheap for what you were getting. So, I'm sure it wasn't extremely popular.
  6. Chronicles: 350 to 500

    Shoving blue scott shop towels between the oil pan and belly pan did the trick. Wiped it with a tub o towel towel and it was good as new.
  7. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    It would be different if dodge neons, v6 mustang and ram pickups didn't have stripes. I got stripes on my R and regretted it. Went without on the 500 and am pleased with it.

    Just swap in an aluminator xs 5.2 and set it up to utilize slicks.
  9. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    Hold out hope. That's only about half of the total 3911. It could sway. Lol
  10. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    There is actually a female in one of the groups that has an CFTP HE but I'm certain it's a small minority lol
  11. Mecum CFTP Heritage

    I think an article also falsely claimed this number and got that ball rolling, or it was misinterpreted as such. They definitely produced a ton of these things, easily the most common for '22. I'd venture to guess there's over that from this forum and a few fb groups I'm in. On another note...
  12. 204 MPH GT500.........................................................................................

    Probably the most ignorant post I've seen in recent times.
  13. Quiet startup - outside of quiet start hours

    I'd probably sell it.
  14. Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    I'd say the fitment is where 99% of buyers will want them. No complaints here, having a flush fitment gives the car a much better presence than having the wheels sit inboard like the stock setups. Which make the car appear to have even more wheel gap and the wheel/tire combo to be too small.
  15. I guess the speed limiter wasnt working that day

    Is there a slick tire option you can run? I believe I've seen guys running Hoosiers? That delamination is scary, real scary. At the time I was around the gt4 it was still in it's earlier days and I believe at the time they were running a g-force axle. I have heard the same about the grease...
  16. I guess the speed limiter wasnt working that day

    Pretty impressive, a track like Daytona seems to suit a car like the 500 nicely. Its safe to assume someone like Dean or Billy would eclipse the GT4 lap times. I understand this is an apples to oranges comparison to a restricted gt4 for sure but impressive for a street car imo. I know they...
  17. Final 2022 Color Numbers?

    There are 2 dealers within an hour of me with cftp he cars... Kentucky isn't exactly a hotbed for mustangs. Seems every dealer that ordered for stock checked those boxes.
  18. New 2022 GT500 CFTP for Sale - California - SOLD

    Typically isn't. He is a pro at clickbait though. On topic of this post, I purchased my 500 from this dealer via a post @Snoopy49 made earlier this year. Zero complaints and they were great to work with, even from 2,244 miles away. Thanks again, Earl!
  19. CFTP wider tires?

    Just don't try to stick those 19's on the front.. You'd need 350 components to do that.
  20. Final 2022 GT500 in Production

    I'd bet the percentage of heritage is much higher than 20%.