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  1. In Your Face

    Counting the days until the ‘11 comes out of winter hibernation! In the meantime, the ‘22 is getting a workout.
  2. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    ‘22 2.3L HPP with the 3.55 Torsen here… Give me the Torsen over a Traction-Loc all day and twice on snowy roads. Torsens work on the principle of torque multiplication. Whatever the amount of torque the lowest traction tire can muster, the other one gets 2.7 times the torque. My 5.0 with T-L...
  3. Cars you regret not buying

    In Spring of 1996, I had a chance to buy a '95 Mazda RX-7 R2 at fire-sale prices (I think it was $19,500) because they'd been discontinued and nobody wanted them. Unmolested R2s are now worth their weight in gold. But along the way, I'd have probably gone bankrupt from all the apex seal...
  4. 2022 10R80 - Violent Downshifts Into 1st Gear

    Yeah, I've spent some time browsing that thread (all 53-odd pages of it) and concur that the first step is a fluid level check and learning re-set.
  5. 2022 10R80 - Violent Downshifts Into 1st Gear

    :cwl: No, but the first time it did it, I smacked my chin against the steering wheel!
  6. 2022 10R80 - Violent Downshifts Into 1st Gear

    My 2022 2.3L HPP is at ~2800 miles after 4 months of ownership, and it has started to develop an ominous tendency for brutally violent downshifts into 1st gear when coming to a stop. What do I mean by violent? I grew up driving manual transmission cars, and this feels like stalling a manual at...
  7. Opinions on S197.2 from former owners

    Exactly!! The base S197 interior was absolutely dreadful. The Premium (especially with color) was outstanding.
  8. Opinions on S197.2 from former owners

    I've owned an S197 5.0L GT Premium convertible since September 2010. I absolutely love it! Being a convertible though, I've always considered it more a grand tourer than an outright sport car. It's an automatic with 3.15 rear gears. Will my 2022 2.3L HPP smoke it? Yes - but they are very...
  9. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    I used dedicated winter tires (Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3's) on my S197 for five winters. Those tires were phenomenal! Never had any issues driving in foul weather, and there was the added benefit of being more sure-footed even on dry, cold pavement. On my '22 HPP, I am running Bridgestone...
  10. Snow Stangs Thread: Picture Edition 📸

    Mid-winter stupidity in my S197 ‘vert back in 2015 (she got promoted to “garage queen” six years ago):
  11. Michigan Pirelli PZero Corsa4 P265/40ZR19 For Sale - PRICE DROP

    I honestly don’t know how much shipping would cost. But I’m willing to look into it if you’re genuinely interested.
  12. Oil change after first 1000mi break in? Your thoughts.

    Similar story here - 1st gen 5.0, original owner, 105,000mi. Changed the oil roughly every 7500-10000mi. Exclusively used Motorcraft synthetic blend. Engine burns no oil and runs like factory-new. Admittedly, now that it’s retired as a daily driver (92,600 of those miles were in the first...
  13. Why do you use your Mustang as a weekend only car?

    If the winter weather gets too crazy and one of the other family vehicles is available, then yeah, the HPP stays in the garage. Otherwise it gets driven! We are admittedly having a mild winter (so far) here in Michigan. I DD’d my 2011 5.0 for six years (Pilot Alpins FTW!!) including all kinds...
  14. Extended Warranty....your take?

    My $0.02 worth; your results may vary: I never purchased an extended warranty for my 2011 5.0L, which I bought new in September 2010. My wife and I also declined an extended warranty on our 2011 Honda Odyssey, because "Honda Quality" and all that. So here we are, 12+ years later, and here's a...
  15. Average Age Of Owners.

    48. Just bought my second Mustang; was 36 when I bought my first.
  16. Car Insurance

    I insure my 2011 GT Premium Convertible through Haggerty. I made the switch on recommendation of my State Farm agent, of all people, about five years ago after we had a conversation about whether keeping a car on a battery tender during winter storage qualified as “maintaining the car” (spoiler...
  17. MPG high and low scores?

    2022 2.3L HPP, with just over 2100 miles. All driving has been with 93 octane gasoline. This time of year here in Michigan that means "winter blend fuel" which is known to knock down MPGs. Short-hop city driving: 21mpg Most recent highway trip: 310 miles round trip to Allendale, most all...

    My dealer had to correct my order TWICE because they kept missing the stripe delete option! And truth be told, the Midnight Blue interior is really hard to discern from just black. If not for the GB stitching it would be a wash. But either way, it’s a sweet-looking ride! The RS engine has...
  19. High Performance Ecoboost Registry

    Agree with you 100%. I bought my HPP because it’s a blast to drive. I am extremely skeptical about it ever being a future collectible (although that’s probably what people were saying in ‘84-‘86 about the SVO, so who knows). The 2011 5.0L convertible currently stored in my garage is the...