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  1. How to tighten hand brake? (2018)

    Nice creative touch with the puddle light! 👍
  2. Some questions I have for bullitt owners…

    Rev matching in general, I'd think no. If you rev match down shift and let the engine slow you down, yes. Also, I'm pretty sure I saw in the owner's manual when I got my car that Ford points out engine braking can cause oil consumption. You can google engine braking causing oil consumption...
  3. Decision between MagneRide and non-MagneRide

    I agree with Tinpot. Lower miles + Magneride = winner.
  4. Some questions I have for bullitt owners…

    Do you do a lot of engine braking? That will cause more oil usage than normal. I usually have to add a quart or more in between oil changes.
  5. Exhaust opinion

    I've seen the pool noodle thing a few times. Never used them myself though.
  6. 3rd Gen Coyote spark plug change

    I can't remember exactly what I used but it was 1 or 2 extensions and 2 swivels. 1 swivel at the socket and a swivel at the ratchet. It was easy with that set up. I didn't use a torque wrench. Just a 1/4 turn after it's all the way in.
  7. Very stiff clutch pedal

    Does it feel any different after you put in the Steeda spring? Kinda sounds like it already had one. The stock spring is very easy to push in.
  8. I just knew I picked right!

    Plus the S550 is one of the best looking cars on the road!
  9. This possible while using E85?

    I had a similar issue with mine. My setup was just a JLT CAI and exhaust. I ended up getting an updated tune (it was tuned for the JLT CAI) and went back to the stock airbox and K&N drop in filter and it's ran perfect ever since. Personally it seemed like it was a drivability issue with the...
  10. 2019 Bullitt - Livernois Flex Tune Questions

    Just speaking for going between fuels, it couldn't be easier. I've been running their flex fuel tune for a year. Put 93 or e85 or any blend of the 2 in the tank and go. No waiting. Takes about ten minutes or so to adjust while driving normal (under 50% throttle). I run E85 95% of the time...
  11. tail lights clear lens or smoke lens

    My first thought is clear, but if you have black wheels and badges, smoked would look good.
  12. The End

    Wow... That's awful! Glad you're ok. Sucks about the car. Why did they stop in the middle of the interstate???
  13. Remotestart

    I feel for you guys that have to do emissions testing! What a scam!
  14. Tremec Swap: Getting lots of heat coming into cabin by shifter/cup holders

    Is the rubber boot all the way in the metal transmission tunnel? I had my transmission repaired by a Ford dealership and when I go tit back the same thing happened to me. Shifter area and cup holders were very hot to the touch. Sides of the tunnel were hot to the touch. When I took the...
  15. Anyone Else's Insurance Rate Increased? (+30%!)

    Mine went up 20%. I called them and they said it wasn't anything I've done. They must just be taking advantage of inflation and raising their rates or there's been way more claims and they're passing the cost onto us. Which generally is how insurance companies operate.
  16. 2017 Mustang GT Stock, Trying to throw on PP1 wheels on front and is causing rub issues.

    For what it's worth, I use this style on all 4 of my wheels. I didn't need different studs. I've been running them for 2+ years now. I switch between a summer and winter set of wheels and tires twice a year so i get to see and inspect the spacers. No issues. I daily drive it.
  17. 2018 mustang gt engine tick

    Youtubers made a HUGE deal about the tick. More than likely just for views... Caused a lot of unnecessary worry for the rest of us. I notice mine after an oil change and every once in awhile after that. Just know you're not the only one! lol. I've put 68k on my '18, zero issues with the...
  18. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Stopped at an antique store in a small old town. Just happened to park in front of this garage and snapped a pic...