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  1. Colour Code

    Have picked up s stone chip on a wheel, dies anyone know the paint code for the Magnetic on them?
  2. Oil Pressure Gauge UK Mach 1's

    The manual states that the Oil Pressure Gauge can be selected on the digital dash, it even shows a picture of the gauge with all the other options, but in the car it's not there. Presumably the electronic selection was deleted because there was a physical gauge in the US model, but the UK...
  3. Question regarding mode selection on a manual.

    I have now reached 1000 miles and started to play, in Sport+ throttle response is sharp and immediate, but when I flick up to Track the car slows and the throttle seems very unresponsive! Is there a restriction that needs lifting, or is there a problem, it's almost like the car is selecting Mud...