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  1. MFP Crank Support

    I'm currently running the MFP Crank Support on my 2020 Whipple car with the stock 6 rib balancer. I would like to switch to an overdrive balancer, but remain as 6 rib. It seems that ATI only offers 8 and 10 rib options, but Innovators West offers a 10% OD 6 rib option. I have a feeling that...
  2. PBD Matrix OS

    Thoughts? Is this the game changer that it appears to be?
  3. Virginia ID1050x 2011+GT

    New in the box ID1050x injectors. Still sealed in the packages. Decided to go to ID1300 before installing these but I was outside of the return window. $850 shipped
  4. Virginia Roush/Kooks 1 3/4” headers

    Roush (made by Kooks) 1 3/4” headers with very low use. No dents or other damage. Very good condition. $650 shipped to the lower 48.
  5. Virginia Ford Performance Magneride Handling Pack

    Kit was on the car for about 200 miles, but was a little too stiff for my taste. The VDM calibration device/software has not been used as I believe it is a single use for one vehicle. I originally was not going to include the front and rear sway bars as I didn't want to deal with shipping, but...
  6. Virginia DSC V4 Magneride Controller

    DSC Magneride V4 controller with Mustang specific mounting bracket. Purchased this last year and had it on the car for about 200 miles, but realized that I have no idea how to use it and that ultimately I am a drag racer and it won't be of much benefit to me anyway. Currently selling for $1565...
  7. Virginia Steeda Camber Plates

    Steeda camber plates on the car for less than 200 street miles. Only removed because I needed something to correct the cross caster from a poorly made BMR k-member. $200
  8. Virginia Steeda Mustang Rear Adjustable Camber Arms (2015-2022)

    Steeda rear adjustable camber arms. On the car for about 200 miles. Nothing wrong with them, just switched to a complete setup from another manufacturer. $375
  9. Virginia BMR TR005 adjustable toe links

    BMR adjustable toe links. On the car for about 200 miles. Nothing wrong with them, just switched to a full setup from another manufacturer. $170
  10. Virginia Steeda Vertical Links (Polyurethane)

    Steeda Vertical links with poly bushings. On the car for about 200 miles. Nothing wrong with them, just switched to a complete setup from another manufacturer. $150
  11. Virginia Kooks Green Cats

    I have a brand new set of Kooks Green Cats for sale( SKU: 11513300). Also included is 2 OEM connection adapters ( SKU: 11513000 ). These will work with stock or stock size aftermarket exhaust. 3" aftermarket exhaust will require a different set of adapters from Kooks. These cats and adapters...
  12. Virginia Kooks 1 3/4" Headers with Green Cats or Non-catted connection

    I have a set of Kooks 1 3/4" headers for sale. The headers were on the car for less than 100 miles(car still only has 500 miles). Never seen rain, salt, etc. Will come with brand new hardware kit(everything originally included from Kooks) and either a brand new set of Green catted pipes OR a...
  13. Secondary Timing Chain Upgrades (Read before upgrading)

    While installing my OPG/CSS I decided to do a few extra upgrades. Boss tensioners, MMR tensioner bracket, GT350 primary chains and upgraded secondary chains were on the list. Having previously dropped a secondary chain on an 03 Terminator, I tend to worry a bit about them. When I started...
  14. Boss tensioners

    I’m currently doing CSS and OPGs on my 2020 GT in combination with the Whipple install. I have a set of Boss tensioners and the MMR drivers side bracket. I’m wondering if there is any good reason not to install the boss tensioners. I understand there may not be much advantage, but I don’t want...
  15. Local recommendation for transmission builder

    I'm looking for someone local (VA or southern MD) to upgrade my 10r80. Any suggestions of someone experienced with the 10r80?
  16. Fuel systems with an OEM style bucket

    I wish someone made a returnless upgrade to support big power, but it doesn't seem to exist so I guess I need a return fuel system. I'm struggling with the idea of always having to have a 1/2 tank of fuel in the car for multiple reasons. It seems like there are a few fuel hats out there that...
  17. New TSB issued for 2020 Mustang 5.0L Built September 1 - December 1, 2020

    Well, this ain't good for those of us that fall in the date range an have heavily modded the car. Sorry for the crappy screenshot. Randomly found this while watching a video about the newest cam phaser bulletin for the 3.5EB in the trucks.
  18. MangeRide Handling Pack help needed

    I need some help from the suspension guys. I have always been about straight line performance and never really concerned myself with handling as I have never owned anything worthy until now. I purchased my 2020 GT Premium A10 PP1 w/ MagneRide with the purpose of adding big power for the...
  19. Smoothboost supercharger controller Thoughts? Useful for us or not? I know they currently don't offer anything specifically for the Ford's, but I know that this shop purchased a Mustang test mule or two last year and...
  20. Whipple vs Hellion

    I am about 5 months in on my "Whipple wait", but have been looking at Hellion turbo kits a lot lately. I found a lightly used top mount kit for ballpark of what I paid for the Whipple. I'm looking for some really good reasons why I shouldn't bail out on the Whipple and go with the Hellion.