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  1. Pennsylvania CMS Roll Bar, Rear Seat Delete, Watson Harness Lap Mounts and Harness - Brand New

    wish I was closer. 8.5hr drive each way for me for the cage :facepalm:
  2. Paying extra resale value for boosted car

    Exactly, This is why I have kept almost everything I removed. Plus its an OCD thing for me. LOL
  3. Side Mirrors glitching

    my 19 does it on pass side as well from time to time. Without hitting any buttons, moves, pops then finally will return to original spot.
  4. 2022 Whipple Stage 2, Whipple tune, Self-install, Initial Thoughts

    I did my own as well. Great kit. I did not use the whipple tune, as I already had Lund. Very happy with Lund. I did eventually pulley down and switch to E85. It was like putting a whipple on all over again with the power increase. Enjoy it!!
  5. Whipple Install and oil weight thoughts

    I use the Rotella 5w40 T6 stuff and one bottle of ceratec. Never had a tick until after first oil change. Now one bottle of ceratec with each oil change and its been gone since.
  6. what exhaust you guys running with catless headers

    I have the same setup and its perfection. Well, almost same, stainless power LTH with no cats.
  7. Fully stock exhaust drone after supercharger install

    The magnaflow tru x did it for me. I have catless longtubes and stock axleback with a whipple. Sounds perfect for me now. Still crazy loud when ya get on it.
  8. Whipple dual fan not turning on ,2022 mustang gt stage 2 whipple

    My dual fans run 24/7. Loud Bi***. Make sure your pump is atleast working and pumping the coolant through the whipple system. Id bet relay as mentioned above.
  9. HELP! My kid F*@&ed up my paint...

    hand wash with a mitt. If that doesnt take it all off then you will have to use a claybar to remove all the overspray. It will all come off, just take a lil work.
  10. New whipple stage 2 , lacks power

    yea, something way wrong. should be 700ish whp.... I dont know much about the whipple tune as I did Lund right away. Shop needs to re check their work. Sounds like the blower is spinning but not making any boost. Maybe the F'd up the lid seals or didnt even use em. I dunno.... Keep us...
  11. First passes in the car

    I would say yes, these trans are super picky from what I have seen and read. I need to check mine as well, i am sure mine is low too.
  12. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    Thats the wheel I have. The gt350r one. Like stated, swap your buttons in and your airbag goes on. Mine has a piece of green vinyl sticker over the red at the top since I dont have any red. But thats the wheel ya want. Evey now n then they pop up on the for sale section from people trading...
  13. GT500 take off supercharger on a Gen 3 Coyote

    didnt see when the thread was started. Oops. Whipple is the way! love mine
  14. GT500 take off supercharger on a Gen 3 Coyote

    There is a guy local that installed a newer gt500 take off blower on his 18-19 f150. He made adapter plates / spacers that went in between the heads and the blower. Its a quad cab 4wd. Ran consistant 11.20's with heavy 22" wheels and AT tires. Pretty impressive. I would say the spacers were...
  15. Iowa 2019 PP1 Whippled A10

  16. Indiana QA1 CF drive shaft for 10r80- $1100 obo .

    price? for anyone interested
  17. 2024 Engine cover

    I thought the dual TB was only on the darkhorse edition??
  18. Oxford White Paint Issue

    If the dealer did it, its possible they did not do a good prep before ceramic and just did a basic wash then coated it. And now the rail dust is finally getting to breath causing it all to show its ugly face. Probably needs a good paint correction to remove everything and re coat.
  19. Differential Question...

    Also the housing of the 3.15 is aluminum (grey) where the 3.55/3.73 is cast iron (Blk)