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  1. Some questions I have for bullitt owners…

    oil is fine and no smells here
  2. Swap for a bullitt??

    just do it
  3. Ford Returns to F1 Racing!

    its real easy spending other people's money!
  4. A $2 Billion Loss Spells Trouble in Dearborn

    and now Ford is going to get involved with f1????? that will help in a big way . better to get involved in sea
  5. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    No, our Labour Party would want them all to get work visas and then take 10 months to approve them

    I agree totally, the supercars outfit has lost all integrity and I can't be bothered with it anymore
  7. Ford Returns to F1 Racing!

    wasn't ford saying a short time ago that their future was in electric vehicles? this f1 move seems a curious contradiction to that but if you want to spend the shareholders $$$ on some ego trip then this is how to do it!
  8. Engine Bay Mods

    get a painted cover from RPI. That coolant tank is the worst possible looking thing you can have and covering it is my 1st recommended mod.
  9. new 5spurs products

    yes they do good stuff and I thoroughly recommend them
  10. Should I buy a 2022 Mustang Convertible?

    Love it, Happy New Year!
  11. bullitt - pre collission error. anyone else have this issue? any solutions to tell ford?

    If I am in a narrow street particularly with parked cars on each side my pre collison warning goes off and drives me nuts especially when there is nothing directly in front of my vehicle
  12. Anyone else happy not to drive their mustang and just look at it?

    sometimes I just stand on my front door step and admire my Bullitt and think how lucky I am
  13. New Bullitt on the Block

    You,ll love it. had mine just on 4 years and still besotted
  14. Beauty and the Bullitt

    Love it
  15. Mustang Recaros Lumbar Adjustment Fix (RHD only)

    Well done,hope you enjoy the ride now
  16. Engine Bay Mods

    where did you get the red stripes and lettering?
  17. Low fuel warning

    for your fuel guage just remember E= enuff and F =fuckall
  18. How many Bullitts were made?

    Haven't we already thrashed this numbers issue to death?
  19. Resale Prices

    some people are just plain greedy.! Here in Auckland we have K3368 for sale which was imported from Australia with hail damaged panels and seemingly repaired. The mileage is 72,000 kms which is high for a 2019 car and the guy wants slightly over the NZ D retail price from 4 years ago for it. Not...