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  1. Parking Brake on Right Side Calliper Acting Up

    After manually moving this lever down with my hand, the subsequent parking brake application works fine. However, after releasing the parking brake, only on the right side calliper, this arm doesn't fully come down back to where it was (on the left side calliper, it does). And subsequent...
  2. How did this happen?

    Lol @Ford? Ford Canada's website says twin turbos on the build page.
  3. Recall Worth Fixing?

    I am wondering if the following recall is something that affects the operation of the car or if it's just to meet emission standards. If anyone knows about this recall, could you provide more details since the description isn't very detailed. Is it the canister, purge valve, or both? Taking my...
  4. Any ideas what this is?

    Happened after overheating the brakes but google images of “overheated brakes” doesn’t look like this. Can I fix it without buying new rotors/does it even need to be fixed or is it fine? Thx
  5. Rear not lowered at all after installing lowering springs

    Hi guys, I installed Ford Performance street lowering springs. 1000 miles ago and here's a before and after picture. There's no difference. Anybody else have the same thing happen? Front is clearly lowered but rear is the same. Yes the springs are seated properly.
  6. Rattling Transmission Fluid Filter

    Hey all, Bought a transmission fluid filter from the ford dealer and when I shake it there is something rattling on the inside. (video) Is this normal? Can’t see what it is rattling on the inside. Thanks
  7. Would really appreciate help in diagnosing an electrical problem

    Hey guys, Was wondering if anyone has some time, if they could measure the voltage between the rightmost pin on this connector and ground with engine off, ignition on on a 2015 or later EcoBoost. I’m getting 5.6 volts and I believe this is a short circuit but it might be normal so I’m just...
  8. How to find and repair short circuit?

    I’ve had a crankcase pressure sensor DTC which I posted about earlier and no one could help. I’ve now done some diagnosing using the shop manual and I’ve found the problem. But now I have no idea how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. Following the HG Pinpoint test in the shop manual, I...
  9. Issue with Ford Performance Passenger Side Oil Catch Can

    12 months ago I installed the Ford Performance oil catch can on both sides of my car. The passenger side of the car has a Crankcase Pressure Sensor in the PCV line. The catch can has been installed for about a year now with no issues (Aside: I’ve never had to empty either catch can yet which I...
  10. Would installing GT brake calipers on an Ecoboost affect the ABS and AdvanceTrac (stability control)

    Does the ECU need to know what calipers are connected? Do the GT's and Ecoboost have a different ABS calibration/tune Is there a Forscan setting for defining the brake caliper parameters? Don't wanna do this if it's not 100% OEM like. Any knowledge from a tech/engineer would be appreciated
  11. Aftermarket brake pads causing excessive brake dust or do rear brakes have more brake dust normally?

    Dealer didn't have brake pads so I bought Wagner brake pads. The brake dust is crazy. Any recommendations? Front is OEM pads, rear is Wagner Both wheels and calipers cleaned at the same time. Now the difference.
  12. Is this normal behavior?

    After doing donuts I get the following codes attached. Some of them involve invalid data given to the restraint control module which worries be because I don't want this to happen Something that needs to be checked out?
  13. Installed Both Sides Ford Performance Catch Can at 21,000 miles

    I have a 2019 EB and I just installed Ford Performance catch cans on both sides of the engine. Do you think there has been significant carbon buildup on intake valves in 21,000 miles? Also, what's the benefit of doing this rather than just venting it to atmosphere and plugging off the intake...
  14. Ran over a curb now creaking noise from front suspension

    2019 Mustang with 20,000 miles. Oversteer on wet road (don't make fun, I could've made up something less embarrassing). -Ran over curb with tires in the same direction (rolled over curb, didn't hit sideways). -Zero rim damage -Tires did not deflate -Car does not pull left or right at all at...
  15. Hood vent missing a piece and Ford part numbers?

    Hello, From the day I bought my 2019 car 18 months ago, I noticed one of the hoot vents was loose and wiggling. I bought some nuts from the hardware store and tightened down on the existing screw threads which had no nuts bolted to them from factory. It fixed the wiggling issue. Now after a...
  16. Does this need to be repaired since it will rust?

    Underside of car What is this coating? What is the part number? Cat/Downpipe. Is this okay? Or must I do something about it? TIA
  17. Tick (not the common one all over the internet) from engine bay EcoBoost

    Hello, My EcoBoost had this tick from day one when I bought it from the dealership at 30 miles It now has 13,000 miles. It cannot be heard inside the cabin while driving. Only audible to people outside near the engine bay while driving. I put a camera and I've linked the video so let me know...
  18. Canada - BC WTB OEM Left and Right Stock Ford Mufflers with Active Valve Exhaust for 2019 ECOBOOST Mustang

    Ford dealer wanted $3000. WHHHAATTT!! I probably shouldn't have said that here.
  19. Long term engine issues by using Active Exhaust?

    Hello, Looking to install OEM active valve mufflers on my 2019 EcoBoost. Wondering if the valves opening and closing, thus changing exhaust back-pressure would cause the engine to run lean/rich and do long term harm to my bone stock car. Long term reliability (don't look at my profile pic)...