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  1. Strut Tower Brace Differences

    What are the differences in the Ecoboost, GT, Mach1 and GT350 strut tower braces? From searching, it appears that the GT350 is aluminum. But when looking at the aftermarket (such as Steeda and others), there are two different part numbers (Part Number: 555 5733 vs Part Number: 555 5731 for...
  2. Swapping in a SYNC4

    Assuming it was easier said than done.
  3. Exhaust Open In 6th Gear

    After a bunch of searching, I've found it's not as easy as one might think. HP Tuners has exhaust valve modification tables and searching on their forums, I've seen where you can adjust the tables of the GT for their different exhaust modes. With the GT350 valve operation being a bit...
  4. Memphis/Germantown TN

    I've seen a few GT350s and GT500s in the Memphis area, but I've never seen yours before. I was in the black one at the stoplight in Germantown today. Howdy neighbor! ✋
  5. Looking For Caliperfexion Front Caliper Studs

    I've got a brake job coming up and wanted to install Caliperfexion studs on my GT350 but can't find them in stock anywhere. The website seems to have nothing and Optimum Performance, which I think used to sell them doesn't list them anymore. Did they stop making them?
  6. SRP Racing Pedals - My Review

    I need to share my experience with SRP Racing. Background: My GT350 is my daily driver/commuter car. And as such, I do a lot of driving with flip flops, Chuck Taylors, etc. I've had my foot slip off the clutch more than once...nothing like picking up the kids from school and everyone...
  7. Rear Deck Speakers

    I have a messed up rear deck speaker in my GT350. My wife shoved too much crap in my trunk and now have a broken speaker. I have the B&O system and I'd like to upgrade (if I'm buying a new speaker, I'm not going to replace it with the stock one), but I'm not ready to go full on replacement of...
  8. Sway Bar Bolts...One Time Use?

    Are the sway bar mount bolts one time use? I was mounting my Steeda front sway bar and it broke pretty easily. (it's chewed up from vise-grips). Since there was no other hardware with the sway bars I assumed you re-use the old ones.
  9. In Search Of A 12V Power Outlet/Cigarette Lighter Tap

    I'm looking for a power tap similar to the one below but I can't find anything stating it fits Ford. I'm looking to tap into the 12V power outlet in the center console for my dash camera setup (not the actual camera itself, but the Blackvue B124X battery pack that plugs into switched power).
  10. Steeda 1.5" (38mm) Front Sway Bar

    There's not much info about this product on here. Seems like the 1 3/8" front bar is probably the way to go but they make the big one for a reason, right? Or, is it just overkill? Haven't come across anyone on here that's running one. Thoughts...
  11. Antigravity ATX20HD Battery Adapter from Airwolf3D

    I couldn't find anything on a search, but I was interested in this 3D printed ABS battery adapter for the ATX20HD. Apparently it moves the terminals to the stock location as the stock BXT-99RT4 in the GT350 and since it's ABS, it only weighs a couple ounces. Their website only lists the 2016...
  12. Vertical Links Question

    Do you ever do custom finishes? Was wondering if I could get a set of vertical links with powdercoated or anodized finish.
  13. Massive Front Sway Bar

    Does the Massive Front Sway Bar fit the GT350?
  14. The Hunt for the Best Funnel for the S550 Mustang

    I recently picked up a 2020 GT350 with 1000 miles on it. The oil looked pretty good but not really knowing the history of the car, I decided to change the oil on the first day of ownership. I had used AST locking funnels before on other vehicles, and had been happy with them but I couldn't...
  15. Ford Performance Air Oil Separator - Does It Really Fit Like This?

    After some searching, it seems like the passenger side air oil separator fits different models, but here's the line from the canister to the intake on the GT350. I've fit it on both directions and it has quite a bit of a kink either way. Is there a better solution? Maybe a line from a...
  16. Front License Plate Hole Repair

    I just picked up my new 2020 GT350 today. It only has 1000 miles on the clock and seems like it was very well taken care of. The only thing I don't like about it is it seems the previous owner just drilled holes into the front bumper to add the front license plate. I'm in TN and we only have...