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  1. Would like your opinion on adding "non-racing" stripes to rapid red mustang

    I'm one of those that likes the stripes when done well, like ORRadtech already mentioned they are iconic. White or black it is all up to your taste, it's your car and your the one that should love it.
  2. The End

    Congrats on the new car. Will be fun to see what your going to do with it, somehow I don't think it will stay with a color swap :wink:
  3. My new Steering Wheel...

    Nice. The subtle orange in the steering wheel also ties it nicely together with your seats.
  4. BLACK S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Well on that note let me add some of my black beauty as well. And beside the undercover German of my girlfriend :)
  5. Just experimenting with some final touches

    Same here, my OCD also screams "do the other side as well!" even though this already looks great.
  6. The End

    With the love you have put into that car, you will definitely going to miss it. But luckily your around still in order to miss it. I bet there will be an other Mustang in the near future as well. So don't count yourself out of here just yet 😉
  7. Beast!

    haha, well I blame my bad screen then for making it look white.
  8. Beast!

    That plain white with no stripe makes it look real sharp and clean. Nice ride.
  9. My new Steering Wheel...

    looks real nice. don't forget to show the end result as well :wink:
  10. Spoiler / Wing Recommendations (GT)

    I got my 2017GT last weekend, the spoiler that was on it was broken and got replaced by a new GT350 lookalike one. As I'm pretty lucky to live near the German border I took her for a spin there and around the 110 / 120 mph I heard a bang and there was my spoiler bend in half. I'm glad nothing...
  11. Got first Ford and Mustang! 2022 Race Red GT500

    Looks real sweet, congrats.
  12. Is this weird?

    I just purchased my first ever mustang just last week, a 2017 GT. Prior to that I have been doing my homework, look around what was on the market before even settling on a mustang. Then I started to look for as much information about it as I could, this place is indeed a goldmine for that, and...
  13. Wheel wrap

    That would indeed be a spray paint. pretty easy to do your self to save some $, cleaning, scuffing and good paint are key here though otherwise it will just as easy flake off as you spray it on :wink: Powder-coat would be your premium option and most costly as well. Vinyl wrap will be your...
  14. Wheel wrap

    The guy I go to for wrapping advised me against wrapping rims. Apparently it is a real pain to apply it well and it tends to peel off real easy and fast by just driving. From how I understood it that is mostly because of the heating/cooling from the breaks and it be a high moving part. I have...
  15. Hyperformance Louvered Glass Windows: Install & Review

    Great review and a lot of useful tips. These are the first louvers that I really like, those plastic glue on things you see the most I think look horrible and just block visibility. And so I can add a other part to my growing mod list :)
  16. Finally picked up my New Mach 1 (Grabber Blue)!

    looks like a really nice ride, congrats
  17. Autotec

    I was also looking at this 'tesla style' console because I want to upgrade my base 4" screen sync1 to sync3 anyway so I need a new bezel anyway. Already found the posts from Haxtall and Beeves but no other mention it seems about this one. Maybe by now someone did get some experiance with this...
  18. Introduce yourself!!

    Hi all, I got my first ever mustang, a 2017 GT. here is a picture from her in the shop. Prices for those cars where I live are just madness, therefor I have a older one. And, as a European, when you want to drive American muscle you have to back it up, at least that is what I think. So I did...