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  1. 2023 Chassis Numbers

    2023 Mach 1 P0642 blend date back in December 22
  2. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Makes sense, despite reports of HP not getting built in winter. Hard to believe they put a 23 HP out before getting some folks' 22 orders out. Though, I suppose they were just cancelled. I honestly figured the 23HP would be quite rare, as a 23 in general honestly. That is because I...
  3. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Seems like a lot is up in the air. Some say you can order my23 still per a dealer but, ford website differs greatly.. Has HP options (wheels, spoiler) but no ability to order - though you can build and price HP itself is not available as option GT500 is not on website though...
  4. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Highland Green is indeed fantastic. I have a buddy that only buys silver cars, for whatever reason the lines always look so clean with silver - I have a feeling you'll be very happy. Congrats, let us know how it goes!!
  5. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    I have to agree that when I think Mach 1 Mustang, this is what I think of... Some of that original-ish white lettering/ yellow striping on certain colors would've been sweeeet.. It is a bit late 60s and I do think the black striping is more "now" It's a win in my book since they used some...
  6. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Nice, congrats to you as well! Such a great color on this beauty. Hopefully you're loving yours as much as I'm loving mine :D
  7. Finally picked up my New Mach 1 (Grabber Blue)!

    Congrats on that beauty! GB looks rather sharp with HP
  8. Would pulling a car out of the mud by a wheel spoke damage anything ?

    Maybe check the steering rack. Not sure if there was enough force to damage anything in there but if you had to crank the wheel pretty good, maybe? You’ll want to lift the front two wheels off the ground and turn the wheel lock to lock slowly. Feel for any roughness. Additionally, if there’s...
  9. Functional grill lights?

    Very interested to see what comes of your project with these.
  10. Mach 1 Custom Stripes

    I very much like this. All of my favorite Mustangs have over the top stripes, this looks great!
  11. What’s it worth thoughts..

    Mystichrome is desirable as is the Terminator, but only to the RIGHT buyer for beaucoup bucks. Might be worth testing waters, listing on BaT/Cars&Bids with reserve to gauge market? I really just came to agree with KingKona I guess..
  12. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Doesn’t seem like much changes in that case, that’s a great story. Believe me, I am not complaining at all! I was so stoked since I wanted to order the HP wing from Levittown but cringed at the process of getting it painted to match the mirrors, rockers and imagined it to be a $1k spoiler by...
  13. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    I think the question i mostly have now is: why do HP cars need to have it after delivery per the manual dragoon posted but the non HP spacers get discarded I assume..
  14. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    This is super helpful. I wasn’t thinking anything was superior or less than, only wanting to get experience with my car or as close to it. If anything, I would imagine the track prepped gt would be more track focused and capable than my car and that’s the main thing I was wanting is time in MY...
  15. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Interesting.. @DRAGOON confirmed no yellow spacers on mine..
  16. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    Thank you! Honestly, not a side track - I am endlessly fascinated by Ford and why/how they do things to certain cars and not other. Case in point, my HP wing on non HP car! I will look for spring spacers today and report back with findings. Although, if I don't see them that doesn't mean...
  17. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    If I read my window sticker properly, it was built 12/21/22. Hopefully yours is not too far off
  18. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    If I read my window sticker correctly, it was built in December and dealer has just been waiting for it so it's odd that my chassis number is "earlier" presumably. I'm equally as confused by their logistics since I got the HP spoiler 🤷‍♂️ Congrats to you as well, EG is definitely a special color.
  19. 2023 Eruption Green Mach 1 has landed!

    That makes sense too.. I may try to get back some hp with removing the carbon trap thing in the intake depending on how rebellious toward the epa I feel on a given day
  20. Swap for a bullitt??

    I have a soft spot for special Mustangs. I've obsessed over 60s GT500s, 350s, Bosses, Mach 1s, Hertz since I was a kid. While on my hunt, I weighed the PP1/PP2, but came away with the Mach 1 since it "feels" a lot more special. Judging by your original post, you may have the some disposition...