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  1. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    Illusion Cherry. It’s as close to Ruby Red as I could find.
  2. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    Thanks man
  3. Winter Project- Beauty meets beast

    Well it’s been a busy winter up here in Northwestern Canada. I broke and bent my diff bolts at the track the last time out in the fall so decided why not make a mountain out of a mole hill. Beefed everything up so this won’t happen again when I go for 1.2 60’ this year weighing 4050lbs. But...
  4. Rear end project is done!

    Yes I can confirm that is the correct part number and use two lefts. Ran these all last season.
  5. Rear end project is done!

    Here, I just got the springs back from powder. It’s all done, just have to put it back in car.
  6. Mustang Photograph of the Month Contest – February 2023

    Thanks FOD, appreciate your kind writeup and the time you put into this.
  7. Rear end project is done!

    Thanks man, just waiting on the springs and kmember to come back from powder then can start assembling. Thanks man!
  8. Rear end project is done!

    My buddy has a 4x4 shop so I just brought him the LCA’s and knuckles to do both bearings. He said they were pretty straightforward with no suprises.
  9. Rear end project is done!

    Nope, direct fit Everything should be in sig if you can expand it. Made 1420rwhp at 28psi.
  10. Rear end project is done!

    I snapped/bent my diff bolts and ruined the bushings I had in there. Since it’s winter up here in Alberta I had the time for this little project. Pulled everything, degreased, sand blasted, painted and powder coated. Installed solid diff bushings, subframe bushings, lower control arm and toe...
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Made some progress on the rear end.
  12. 315 MT EtstreetR Fitment

    Looks good. Ya I seen that one, just curious to see it from the back.
  13. 315 MT EtstreetR Fitment

    Thanks, I’m not too sure if the stock springs are the same height either. Wow that ratio would sure make my first gear run out nice. I bet, have a pic from the rear?
  14. 315 MT EtstreetR Fitment

    *I seen the post a few threads down but didn’t want to hijack it. The tracks around here are usually just mediocre prepped and I’m planning on turning it up more often this season hence wanting a bigger tire. Anyone here running the exact same setup as me and not having any rubbing issues...
  15. 1/4 Mile Fast List 3.0

    Haha all good.