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  1. Edmonton area - FFTEC kit for sale!

    I posted that already in the market place but if someone needs a kit from FFTEC for the EcoBoost Mustang that would safe some bucks. My Mustang got bought back from the dealership with close to no loses, what was really generous form my sales manager. :ford: Hello together. I do have some...
  2. What is going on? Forza Aerospace!

    Hello together. I am wondering about Forza Aerospace NEW Coolant tank. In the beginning, everyone who ordered a tank got "weekly" updates as promised. Than the updates did not get send out anymore. Checking...
  3. Speed warnings and NAVI futures useless!?

    Hello together. I would like to know where can I enable the street speed warnings like we have on our Jeeps navigation unit. FORD can't be serious, in programming a key (MyKey for teenagers) with 3 speed warnings in MPH and a maximum speed of 135 kph are the solution of selling a car world...
  4. Merry Christmas

    To all members a very Merry Christmas! :ford:
  5. Sound wishes for Christmas

    After listening all this rattle noises, I thought I am looking into different sounds I can find online: OBX 3089 2 1/2" double exhaust for example. (My favorite) [ame] OBX Forza (Not rattling at all IMO) [ame] Maybe some members could post their "sound wishes".
  6. Hello Canucks!

    I am wondering where are all the Canadians are. Did you guys left the forum? Busy driving the new cars? No posts in the last couple days, weeks. Busy clearing the driveways? Come on gals and guys. Don't let small community die! :cheers:
  7. Someone interested in an LE?

    Hello. I stumbled this morning over an LE in Calgary/AB if someone likes to buy it: Did get an email from Dimitri Salesman from Woodridge FORD. He mentioned that this car has an offer of $100,000 and will be sold by end of the week. I think someone sold his Grandmother for this car...
  8. Winter package

    Hi guys. Question. Did someone ask for a winter package for the Mustang in the dealership? Ford is offering free winter packages for mostly all other cars. My dealer will check the "pricing" on a set for me. I did checkout 1010 and tirerack but we here in Canada can forget them in my opinion...
  9. Bronze Fire Leather seats?

    Hello together. I am now (again) confused. :confused: My order says: "Dark Saddle Leather seats". My window sticker says? Has someone else the same color change on the window sticker? :help:
  10. Tuning from COBB/Livernois/BAMA/WMS and Co.

    Hello together. I did checkout some prices on the new tunes for the EcoBoost Mustang. Also that it would be nice to have some extra RWHP/Torque - $660 to 800 (CAD) is NOT the money worth. Everyone of the tuning companies is posting "FREE shipping" but they forgetting to but right on the...
  11. Where are all the unsold cars?

    Hello. I drove yesterday to Edmonton and past FORD Andrews and saw still 3-4 dozens 2014 Mustangs on his lot. Maybe less - it looks a lot because he has them all parked in front of his lot. So I was wondering what FORD is doing with all this cars they do not sell. I did google a bit and found...