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  1. Shaker replacement lower door speaker

    I have been off here for months. Last time I was here people including my self were try to find a decent shallow ~6.5" woofer or mid woofer for the doors. I searched and didn't see if anyone found anything. My requirements were stock holes and being fed stock unmodified signal. I had...
  2. brake pad sensor? WTF Help!

    So my kids 12 VW Beetle needs front brakes. It looks like her car does not have pad sensors. Most of the pad/rotor kits have sensors. Can I install pads with sensors onto a non sensor car? Maybe just cut off sensor? Thanks!
  3. tweet tweet

    Now that I am happy with my low end, time to look at tweeters. I am looking for a soft dome that hides behind stock pillar grill. Any suggestions? Silky soft dome, just saying it feels good...
  4. Simple bass upgrade

    So I finally got what I wanted. Booming bass for Gorilla Zoe and Drake. I have Shaker system with sub. My radio adjustments are 3/4 high, flat mid, flat bass. Hits as hard as with aftermarket HU. If you are just adding bass, forget getting in the kick panel or flattening signals.
  5. Show me amp to battery

    Show me your clean amp cable to battery post connection. Thanks!
  6. Sawzall?

    MY axlebacks arrive. I need to purchase a sawzall. Any recommendations? Corded or battery? I don't need a mega super saw. Or rent one for $16 for 4 hours?
  7. Bolt on wide body???

    I must be getting old. But when did it become okay to just screw on over sized plastic with screws showing and call it a wide body kit? Im a young almost 50YO. I thought wide body was alot of cutting and bodywork or quarter/fender replacement. What the hell??
  8. shallow 6.5 sub??

    I know there are a few like myself looking for a replacement for the 6.5 in door. Anyone try this yet?? Good reviews on Sonic and Amazon. I do wonder if the excursion would rattle the door card. Watch the videos on...
  9. Crutchfield, hmmmm

    I wonder if Crutchfield has not researched our Mustang because Ford installed too many speaker and system variances? Trying to research is near impossible, people have 3-4 different systems from factory, people report different impedance from same speaker locations. It sucks to have to dig...
  10. Gone rogue...

    So while a little dissapointed in my RF 6.5 mids, I did some more experimenting. I tried no 3.5, > low volume, bad. Tried no 6.5 > not really much difference. Then I went full trial and error mode and disconnected 6.5s from factory connection and hooked them up to the 3.5s. Wow! So my...
  11. RF Punch in doors?

    Anyone try the RF Punch 6.75"s in the doors? Seems most have installed Kickers. I am not a fan of Kicker, I may try the RF mids next week. If they work, they will go in deck also...
  12. Door panel ??

    Whats the key to removing the handle cable from door card? I got the metal cable off the handle, but could not get the plastic cable cover from clip. I watched the videos, they make it look like it comes right off. Help?
  13. spare question, right one?

    New guy question. I bought a GT premium (no Brembos), no spare. Are these the specs for the spare I need? 15-17 Ford Mustang 5-Lug 5x4.5" 18" Factory Temp Spare Wheel & T155/60R18 Tire Thanks!