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  1. I think I need a new APIM, any advice?

    Thanks for the mention. I sell APIMs on my eBay store (see my insanely good feedback) but message me here if you'd like a discount to pay via PayPal.
  2. Digital Cluster Plug n' Play Pre-Programmed Kit

    Yes Ford OEM. Some dealers will some won't.
  3. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Almost no dealers will do it. I have run across exactly 1 in my history doing this that used FORScan for things which blew my mind. FDRS/IDS won't let you manually make the change. Well. IDS will but it isn't easy and the dealers aren't going to know how to do it. I can provide assistance if...
  4. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    None of that has changed except for a few added things over the years. All still good to go! I also sell complete files if anyone needs to purchase them that doesn't want to do it themselves.
  5. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    As long as the trans type is right it can be fixed through FORScan. I sell files at my website
  6. replacement lcd screen for digital dash

    Unfortunately you can't just buy the screen. They aren't sold to the public. You may be able to find one on eBay if you're super lucky? Though I've never seen one. I do repair these clusters though if you're interested as I can get the new parts though I cannot just sell you a screen...
  7. Noise after torsen swap

    Torsens are noisy at low speeds in tight turns especially. My factory dif does the same thing. I'm on BG fluid, did the same thing with factory fill.
  8. Missouri 2018 Digital Cluster Bezel

    I'm selling JUST the bezel for a 2015+ Digital cluster swap. It has a deep scratch on the right side as seen in the picture. It may have some other minor scratching on the plastic but nothing else major. What you see in the picture is what you get. The new Ford price on these is about $180. I...
  9. Where mileage is stored?

    It is in the PCM. You need IDS to read that mileage out. Any dealer can do it as long as it doesn't have a custom tune.