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  1. California Brand New 2017 Mustang GT Front Brake and suspension $550 Sold

    Wish you could ship those shocks and struts. I would definitely like to put them on my 2015 GT.
  2. LED lights/sto n sho

    I’ll take the switchback turn signals for the front.
  3. FS: Brand new Tire mobility kit / Air compressor

    If you still have it I will take it.
  4. SOLD

    pm'd, interested.
  5. Sold.

  6. MF_AutoSesigns Question??

    I have and still nothing. I was told that it is in the mail a couple of weeks ago.
  7. MF_AutoSesigns Question??

    I was hoping that this issue would have been rectified by now but to no avail it has not. So the last email that I did receive was asking me to verify my address with MF AutoDesigns which I did, this was back on July 2nd. Since then I have sent a couple of emails asking what the status is and I...
  8. 2016 Mustang GT Complete PartOut!

    How much for the fog lights?
  9. MF_AutoSesigns Question??

    To this date I still have not heard anything from MF Autodesgin. I thought their customer support was much better than this.
  10. MF_AutoSesigns Question??

    Will do guys, appreciate the help. I'm sure he's just busy and may have a lot going on. Hopefully we can get this taken care of.
  11. MF_AutoSesigns Question??

    I’ve been trying to get this situation rectified and haven’t received any responses to date. I did attempt in another post and noticed that that post had been closed. “GreenGuardian, looks like you have one of the non-coated V1 badges. Please send an email to [email protected] and...
  12. V2 Coyote Fender Badges! Initial Design

    I just sent the email, thanks for taking care of the issue. Yall are absolutely the best. Thanks
  13. V2 Coyote Fender Badges! Initial Design

    Are the badges supposed to turn yellow?