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    I'll say that the performance was much more noticeable on my 2016 GT than it is on my 2020 Bullitt (both Livernois) ... just not so sure there's much to be had on the newer Gen3 Coyotes. If there was we'd be hearing about it like this thread started as.
  2. Palm Beach or Livernois tune for the Mach 1

    Just an FYI in case others didn't know as well but when I told Livernois I'd run 93 and sometimes 91 they gave me 1 tune that'll adjust to both grades. In the past, you'd need 2 tunes and load each one based on the grade of gas you'd be running. The new way is much more convenient - set it and...
  3. Anyone else really struggle with glass?

    For us Canadians who don't want to get hosed, this seems the same.
  4. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    My opinion, keep the Bullitt stock in appearance.
  5. Have a Bullitt...Should I get a Mach 1 or a GT350 or just keep what I have?

    Good move to keep the Bullitt. Mach I is a great car but not enough to justify the $$ if you already have the Bullitt.
  6. Exhaust Recommendation Based on Sound Profile

    I also love the sound of that Cobra ... very "clean" with no rasp. I've had Magnaflow round mufflers on my 2016 GT that had that low rumbly sound. Whatever you do, keep your stock res if you want that sound IMO. 2015-2017 Mustang GT Magnaflow Exhaust Sound Clip Race Series Axle-Back Review &...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Wow, what a job on that exhaust ... where did you drop it off and what exactly did they do to get it like new (better actually)?
  8. 2019 Bullitt Tune

    I'm personally referring to day-to-day part throttle exhaust sound ... WOT it's just all loud.
  9. 2019 Bullitt Tune

    I respectively disagree with beefcake. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has noticed the car sounds slightly different on different days and sometimes even at different times of the same day. Probably something to do with temperature, humidity, barometer, who knows but if you've got a...
  10. Why Has No One Installed a Lighter Flywheel?

    I'm reading the negatives about daily driving but a small drop in flywheel weight I assume would be less of an issue than a larger drop. As always, finding that happy medium is the trick.
  11. Who has gone back to the factory resonator after installing an H or X pipe?

    Yeah you're probably right on that count - I didn't leave it in long enough. I've noticed an exhaust/component does indeed alter its sound over time as either carbon build up &/or the packing gets heated up and alters its sound properties a bit. At a certain point it pretty well sounds as it...
  12. Why Has No One Installed a Lighter Flywheel?

    So I've been on here since I got my 2016 GT and don't think I've ever seen anyone post anything about installing a lighter flywheel. I had one on my 98 SVT Contour and they were popular with other makes as well back then. Benefits are a more responsive engine as it'll rev easier & quicker -...
  13. Who has gone back to the factory resonator after installing an H or X pipe?

    I tried that Magnaflow too but it was actually quieter than the stock res so I sold it. It's a great option though for someone with the stock res and too-loud mufflers wanting to quiet things down just a bit more. That Magnaflow really cleans up the metallic rasp.
  14. 2019 Bullitt wheels for sale

    Too bad you're way out in California ... shipping to 14305 would be crazy I'm sure.
  15. Who has gone back to the factory resonator after installing an H or X pipe?

    Went back to stock res from an H when I had my 2016 GT ... not making the same mistake with my 2020. Just too unrefined - the stock res takes the edge off and you don't get a more "metallic" exhaust sound that I didn't like.
  16. Bullitt + Magneride + Spacers

    You look like you'll be fine as the rims already have the recesses.
  17. Exhaust Alignment Help

    ^ brilliant solution right there. Would be nice to have a left/right adj't as well.
  18. Exhaust Alignment Help

    Not sure what you mean by "no real control" when bending the metal hanger on the exhaust but that may be his/her only option. I've had to do it before. Know ahead of time which way to bend it and after heating the bend/corner on the hanger good, put a long piece of pipe over it and bend away...
  19. Question for Bullit owners

    There were that many in 2019?!
  20. Virginia $700 Shelby CS-11 Graphite Bullitt Style Wheels

    Just to be clear, you're only selling 2 wheels right?