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  1. RIP Ken Block

    This year is not starting out right. I still can’t believe the news!
  2. Anyone put Headers on their Mach 1 yet?

    Hey guys! Thinking about pulling the trigger on a set of Kooks headers for the Mach 1 in 2 weeks. Lethal is having their Black Friday sale on them starting the 21st. Had anyone added headers to their Mach 1 yet? If so how you do you like now and how much was the install? Thanks
  3. 10HP Loss, Not compression! Real reason exposed with Dyno Proof

    Everyone just watch this YouTube. Dyno numbers back up his claims as well.
  4. Florida RTR Upper Grille with LED Lights Brand new in box

    I ordered these for my 2020 GT and never put them on since my Mach 1 showed up. I Paid $593.99 back in late April. Looking $500 obo!