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  1. Brand New And Broke

    Did anyone remember the guy paying double for a z06 vette and have it crap out on him just over 50 miles? No one is gonna trash talk Chevy?
  2. Brand New And Broke

    Union enforces quality. I know because I was in 2 different unions, 2 different trades for over 30 years and seen the incompetent workers get the slip and shown the door.
  3. RIP Ken Block

    RIP Ken Block, an amazing driver. I loved that video of him in London with that mustang. That was badass 😎
  4. Challenger outsold Mustang again. Worst Mustang sales ever.

    Jim Wangers at Pontiac in the 60’s was a big reason the GTO’s sold like hotcakes. Advertising. Dodge simply followed the same recipe. How many high performance Ford ads have you seen on tv? I never seen one but man Dodge was all over the place. It doesn’t make the car better, they just had...
  5. Front turn signal issues

    You could be right but once they burn out, they don’t work again, right? Both sides? I appreciate your input. Just trying to figure it out because this was an issue before I even got the car.
  6. Do people always wanna race you?

    Lol, that’s funny
  7. Front turn signal issues

    But it’s not out, just doesn’t blink and it’s intermittent on both sides. My troubleshooting with my blue driver found a code about the body control module. The first owner took it in once for that. I took it in a year ago when I first bought it And that was only the left front and yesterday the...
  8. Do people always wanna race you?

    One time I was getting on the highway and opened her up a bit and passed a challenger hellcat and oh my that just bothered him so much he had to do a fly by. I didn’t even know he was there but I’m guessing Shelbys sound pretty sweet passing by! i just rolled my eyes and like ok buddy. You rule...
  9. Front turn signal issues

    I am trying to post the video of my front turn signal not flashing when in use. It’s intermittent and was only the left but yesterday the right front did it. My wife was able to record it. I still have a warranty and I will probably surrender and have the dealership look at it but I wanted to...
  10. Turn signal relay

    Now it did it on the right front just like the left did before
  11. Turn signal relay

    Thank you for that information. I really appreciate it. My left turn signal will flash fast on the dash but the left front turn signal would not be out but not flash. So I found this error using my blue driver: Hi John, Reached out to the automotive engineers on my team, the reported back with...
  12. Turn signal relay

    Happy New Year everybody. I am trying to figure out which relay controls the turn signals? I can’t find it in the manual or online. I ordered a new one but that won’t help if I don’t know where it goes lol. Anyone that can point me in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.
  13. Buyer beware!

    The heat extractors on the GT350 hood are absolutely functional and are not for looks. Otherwise it would have been blocked off. Every piece on the Shelby have a purpose. This isn’t your 70’s/80’s car with fake vents and cheap graphics. It worked so well they made a larger one for the GT500 due...
  14. Love Letters to B.B. — 60 Day Newbie Review

    Congrats on your ride! Enjoy the car and have fun!
  15. Welcoming Home my 2022 Grabber Blue Mach 1 HP

    Congrats on your ride! I dumped my cup 2’s for the pilot sport, much better ride and tram lining was gone.