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  1. Happy New Year from Japan guys

    Hoping all to have a prosperous and healthy 2023!!!
  2. Need advice guys...

    A homeless guy with a POS Nissan, no insurance, no license, and no registration clipped my Mustang at the gas station today. It isn't bad but it is going to need to be fixed. I can't believe this. Called the police they can't do anything, this crazy ass city (Los Angeles) protects everybody...
  3. Axle oil temps...

    On the way home today took a canyon home (Topanga) and I noticed my axle temps got to about 190- 200 deg F. Is this normal? I just got 4.09 gears installed, I will ask what diffy fluid he used. He told me but I forgot. I was in 2nd and 3rd the whole way down 12 miles and it was hot today...
  4. Dilemma...VP 101 Racing fuel unleaded (CARB Approved)

    has gone up from 9.99 per gallon to $16.00 per gallon!! I refuse to pay that. I was blending 2 gallons of VP101 with 2 gallons of E85 (true E85) to get me to just under 94 octane and E19 ethanol content. This got me to just under 94 octane. So now I am contemplating using VP Octanium or...
  5. P0030 code with only 20k miles. OEM headers and cats...

    I do run a E20 fuel with the Ford Racing Power Kit, and have been for a few years now. I just got this code. I did notice that the cars AFR was stuck at 14:1. Just an 02 sensor? Can it go out that early.
  6. Get the shine off off of the leather steering wheel.

    Had the car 2 years guys, anyway to get the shiny look off of the steering wheel. A good cleaner?
  7. Looking to have my 4.09 gears installed in S. Cali, any recommendations?

    Thanks for the help guys
  8. Any tuners get a 2022 in the shop to see if its able to be tuned?

    They are starting to hit the streets, it would be interesting what would be doable with the new emissions regulations.
  9. Started as a 300a base car.

    Happy the way it turned out.
  10. Getting a little annoyed...2nd time having my oil pan leak fixed.

    Bought the car new in April 2020, took it in for the first oil change 3-4 mos. later and I complained that I am having a leak from the oil filter area. I figured it was just a loose oil filter, although I tried to tighten it by hand it didn't budge. They came back and told me that its a...
  11. 6 spkr base stereo questions???

    Hey guys and gals are the rear deck speakers Coax or just the woofer? I don't here a lot of treble coming out of them. It seems the earlier cars were Coax's, not sure on this. When I try to look through the carpeted deck you can't see anything. Also I notice the magnets are quite a bit...
  12. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    I got to drive one the other day and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Car and Driver ran 0-60 in 3.8 and it did the 1/4 mile in [email protected] 121mph. How can this be when this car is similar weight to the Mustang GT manual and with only 13hp more per rating. I have to say this thing flies...
  13. Just wanted to give you GT350 owners who need tires that TireRack

    is getting 305/35/19 MichPSS back in stock. Just an FYI.
  14. My interior pretty much done.

    Was a base 300a car, cloth,4" screen. Katzkins, 8" conversion, leather center console and premium door panels. Much better.
  15. The best Mach1 ever!!

    I jest!!!
  16. Anyone have the offset of the base Mach1 wheels?

    Thanks in advance.
  17. A heads up for us Cali owners on tuning... [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    California Smog Testing Will Now Sniff Out (and Fail) Tuned ECUs
  18. Running Mich PS4S 285/35/19 front and Mich PSS 305/35/19 rears

    Unfortunately you can't get 305/35/19 Mich PS4S, and you can't get 285/35/19 in Mich PSS. I have owned both on my E92 M3 and to be frank both tires are awesome, with from what I read the 4S better in the wet. Which is no concern as I don't drive this car in the rain and if I did I wouldn't...