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  1. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    This looks so good. The letters would look nice in matching white or gold but as is is 🔥
  2. What is the Fastest Speed You Have Reached, and for How Long?

    158 for a couple seconds. It was summer in Texas. Toll started a slight turn and I got scared and backed off. Didnt want to test my luck more than that.
  3. Door Sills Discolored

    My passenger side door sill isn’t displaying colors accurately. Is there a fix or just order a new one ? Took me washing the car pretty late and opening the passenger door to clean the sill to notice it. Colors are purple and ice blue. The driver side is noticeably brighter as well.
  4. Current Trade-In Value?

    I drove a C8 Z51 pack. Cool car. But I prefered the C7 Grand Sport. The C8 Z06 would be the only Vette that might get me out of a GT500
  5. RIP Ken Block

    Ken. Jeremy Renner. Pele. Damar Hamlin. Barbara Walters. Crazy start to the year
  6. 255s vs 265s for Front Tires?

  7. 255s vs 265s for Front Tires?

    My setup
  8. 255s vs 265s for Front Tires?

    honestly if your car is lowered its hard to see the width of the fromt tires from most angle. I think offsets are more important from a look standpoint.Stock wheels pushed out to be flush looks just as good. In your case square setup to be able to rotate is the way id go
  9. 255s vs 265s for Front Tires?

    i have 275/40R19 on my front 19x10 and 305/35 rear. Kept overall diameter at stock size. Basically the performance pack tire up front and a 305 rear
  10. Project6gr = no integrity

  11. Knock/Thud Below Arm Rest

    This doesnt look good
  12. Knock/Thud Below Arm Rest

    I get a knock or thud that can be felt through the seat and arm rest at the start of a launch. Not enough throttle to chirp the tires but not a normal amount of throttle. Maybe 75% from a stop. Not sure if its wheel hop or the drive shaft hitting the tunnel. Any ideas. It doesnt happen if I...
  13. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    I just knew I didnt want any more black wheels. This 911 was my inspiration
  14. New Baby Maggie

    New Baby Maggie

  15. Anyone installed the GT500 Diffuser kit from Levittown?

    Has all the part number but I cant find anything on someone installing it on a GT
  16. Post Pix of your S550 with aftermarket wheels and tires

    Project6GR TEN Satin Bronze 19x10 275/40R19 19x11 305/35R19 Nitto NT555 G2 (from Discount Tire)
  17. Project6gr = no integrity

    Satin Bronze
  18. What is this?

    A quick search showed the kits are only like 30 bucks. I. Unplugged the device and zip tied the cable so that it wouldnt fall again
  19. What is this?

    Found it. The wire on the other hand is pinned into the obd port as well as being connected to the smart data link adapter