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  1. Winter Beater

    If you aren't allergic to Foreign vehicles, Subarus are incredible in this climate. I've always had some kind of Subaru since I started driving here in Ohio and they are monsters in the snow. Never gotten stuck or stranded with a set of good snow tires like Nokians. They can also be had in the...
  2. Forgestar Wheels

    Thanks for the Recommendation on Apex, I'm on the lookout for a used pair if I can find the right spec. Kind of just depends on what comes up first, I have until Spring to find something.
  3. Forgestar Wheels

    Thanks for sharing your experience with them, I assume with most things it all comes down to the individual set you end up with and the different variables you throw at it considering they are not a high end wheel. Which honestly I'm totally okay with, I am used to paying less than 1k for sets...
  4. Forgestar Wheels

    Thanks for the info! great looking car BTW! The tires are PSS's as well and were bought new with the wheels and have a reported 2k miles, I need to check tread wear and purchase date. The purchase price of the set would be very close to what a new set of PSS's in that size would cost.
  5. Forgestar Wheels

    Hey everyone, I was hoping I could get some input on Forgestar wheels from anyone who have owned a pair or had experience with them. I found a set of cf5's (19x10.5, 19x11) with Michelin 305x35x19's that I plan on running on my 17' GT350. I don't know the offsets but they are coming off of a...
  6. Dreams Do Come True! Pulled the trigger on 2022 FJG Mach 1

    Nice congrats! I love that color on any S550, hopefully you got a decent "new" car discount with 1,800 miles.
  7. Ohio Thread

    WOW that car is wild! Honestly not entirely my taste, much too loud (color) for me but I think it looks awesome. I've been drooling looking at a lot of the cars on here with signature wheels but i've accepted they're a bit too rich for my blood.
  8. Ohio Thread

    Great thanks for the recommendation at Pauls, I'll check them out! I usually do my own installs as well but it's always good to have a good shop in mind in case anything goes sideways or above my head. The FP Oil seperators and jacking rails I did were easy enough so trying to graduate to...
  9. Ohio Thread

    Hey guys! First time posting here, I'm in the Dayton area and have a 17' GT350 along with a 12' Raptor. I see tons of nice mustangs around the area, trying to get out more this year and do more with the car. Taking this winter to do some upgrades, wouldn't mind some recommended shops in the...
  10. 2018 GT350 with 17,818 miles

    Have the same feel on my 2017, Steeda sells a Clutch Assist Spring that will make the clutch feel more linear rather than the double action feel from the factory.